It is St Georges Day and Day of Bulgarian Army resurch by Ann Wood

It 's Gergyevden

Name Day Celebrate:
Georgi, Gergana, Ganka, Gancho, Gencho, Genadi, Gosho, Ginka, Gloria, Genka, Genko, Galin, Galina, Galia.

May 6th is the day of the bravery and celebration of the Bulgarian Army.

Today is the memory of St. The martyr George the Victorious, who is among the most revered in Bulgaria, from the conversion of Bulgarians 11 centuries ago. St. Georgi is one of the few saints, honored and glorified by Christians as well as by Muslims. The holiday is celebrated as a Day of Bravery and as a celebration of the Bulgarian Army.
The Christian Martyr Sts. Georgi the Victorious lived in the province of Cappadocia in Asia Minor during the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian (284-305).
The future saint enters very young in the army and displays enormous military capabilities. At the age of twenty, he gets the rank of a military tribune. A passionate supporter and defender of Christ's faith, George was thrown into prison, subjected to cruel torture and beheaded in 288

According to the living, a dragon appeared near his grave that devastated the surrounding area. The saint succeeded in striking the monster with his spear.
Since then, he has enjoyed the glory of one of the most prominent dragon-eaters and horsemen in Christianity, and has therefore been chosen as a patron saint of the war and the army. In the Christian iconography St. The martyr George is depicted on a riding white horse, and his long spear is stuck in the mouth of a terrible dragon.
In memory of St. Georgi (from Greek "farmer") Gergyovden is honored by the people and as a holiday on the land, agriculture and livestock. The saint is the protector of shepherds and flocks. In folk songs and legends he is gifted with power and heroism, he is presented as the first mage winner, winning the lama.
The people honors the memory of St. Georgi with various rituals, among which the most famous are the sanctification of the Lamb and the ritual breads. For the Bulgarians, St. George's Day is one of the biggest and most celebrated folk festivals that marks the beginning of the summer and the new economic year. On this day a sacrifice is made in honor of St. George, lamb is baked and the whole family gathers at the festive table.

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