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*hrmf*.. my x-boyfriend.. :(

You were one I really loved.

Did you think about my feelings
the day you said goodbye?
Did you think of me at all
when we were together?
Did I mean something more,
or did you just look at me like an normal girl?

I know you looked at her,
and it hurted me much.
didn't you think I'd noticed?
Didn't you think I cared?
When you was holding my hand,
did you put feelings into it,
or was it that much trouble just standing there?

When you said you loved me,
did you mean every word?
or was it just something you said,
so you could make me smile?
I don't think you really loved me.
no one ever stop that fast.
Did you ever even think about my feelings?

don't you know how sad I was after I had readen your message?
it really got down in my soul.
you said you'd never wanted to talk to me again,
like I no longer was your friend.
it still hurts when I think about it.
you were one I really loved.

Poetry by kittipuusen
Read 472 times
Written on 2006-05-31 at 17:43

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I so feel you hurt my dear Kitti.......I think if there's something I wish I could do was mend all broken hearts brand new and whitewash all the pain and heartache.....I'd do it for you with all my heart.......a very deep,emotional and beautiful poem......*****

this poem is filled with so much emotion and if he treated you like that you deserve better than that hunny!!! but i love this poem and i know how you feel if you ever need to talk i am here for you always!!!
amber lynn