at the gate


departure time bumped from twelve

forty to one forty   i

know what that means   american


has no idea when the flight will 

arrive at the 

gate   much less depart   no one seems


unduly surprised   i'm not   it

does add a 

layer of anxiety to an already anxious 


day   i look around   try to 

absorb the 

calm around me   only to realize it is sheer


boredom   and career ennui   that

i'm seeing   




i try to concentrate on my book   but i'm too

easily distracted   i 

try a sudoku   i give up   my


thoughts are on my destination   on

tonight   on

faith   and should i have it   is it merited   faith


in some sort of fairy tale notion   or

expectation   of

love   that is   love in the form of the


union of two souls   or   in this case   the reunion of

two souls   two

disparate souls   faith that two disparate 


souls   once separated   may   in

fact   reunite




we board   i will miss the dallas connection   i

sigh   i text   along

with everyone else on board   arriving


dallas late   hope to make the five 

o'clock   see you

tonight even if i have to walk   put the kettle


on simmer   so to speak   i'm doing a bit

of simmering

myself   i can take lyft   but i'd rather you pick


me up   if you're off work   we can stop for

something to

eat on the way home   or not   i'm just typing   not


thinking   can't wait to get my hot 

little hands on you   dear one   cannot wait







Poetry by one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-05-29 at 16:01

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You create an excitement at arrival which so many can relate to, while contrasting the boredom of air travel and the uncertainties that accompany it. A beautiful piece. Like it.

Wonderful! Once again, this exquisite form you use perfectly matches the content of the matter. Brilliant!

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
"Hot little hands," you say? Maybe love isn't the only emotion keeping you from your sudoku.