In memory of our dear and beloved Kristalina by Dessislava Dimitrova translated by Ann Wood

In memory of our dear and beloved Kristalina - the sister of my mother and my aunt.
Just over 15 years ago, on the birthday of her own father, she left us forever - too young, in the bloom of her life, full of longings and dreams, which, unfortunately, the treacherous cancer crumbled for only a few months and they left with her ...
After her loss, we were very sad, the life of us all turned us in a different direction. Many questions remained unanswered, many doors closed.
But the memories she brings to us will survive the most harsh reality because they are so beautiful that they can not be forgotten!

Today I'm especially sorry for you, sweet little lady!
I continue to love you and your place in my heart is forever!

Without your loving soul
and your generosity
I could not
to keep faith in this,
that there are good,
and honest people;
that whenever it hurts me,
I can still tend to sip,
that in moments of sickness and guilt,
in the open arms I will hide;
that even among the ugly things,
man feels the sense to become,
when someone's hand feels
to stretch, to put his shoulder ...
Without you I would not fly
during childhood high in beauty
the joy,
to have love
and boldly live further ...
Without you, Aunt, my whole world
would be different,
in any direction ...

On this day I pray for this
your soul
be high!
With God!

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-06-10 at 04:02

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