It is part of a book called Angel by Petar Petkov traslated by Ann Wood

"Peter was driving to a nearby town. He could barely see the road from the torrential rain.
Suddenly his gaze stopped at an expensive jeep, stopped off the road.
A woman was waving for help, she had a flat tire.
For a moment he thought of passing, but at the last moment decided to drop by and help her. He parked the car, which was more than 15 years old, next to a jeep (modern model).
As he replaced the cracked tire, it got wet to the bone, the whole was muddy and dirty, but within half an hour it was over.
The woman was extremely grateful.
- What do I owe you?
- Nothing. Help someone else in trouble and let him or her continue to pass on. And when you help, you think you helped me. Peter smiled.
"Can I at least learn your name?"
- Peter. He replied and smiled. Then he got in the car and left.
The woman continued on her way.
She was frostbitten and slipped into a roadside cafe to drink something warm and warm up a bit before continuing.
Sitting at the table in the cafe, she couldn't help thinking about the incident and about Peter.
A waitress approached the table. She was seven or eight months pregnant. The woman ordered a cup of tea and when the waitress brought it to her, she asked her:
- Why are you working in this advanced pregnancy?
- Unfortunately, my husband and I are not well financially, and the baby will only complicate matters.
Something in the woman's gaze flashed for a moment. Here's who to help. He asked for the bill with a gesture. She walked away quickly, and when the waitress looked at the money and the note on the table, her eyes filled with tears.
There was enough money there so she wouldn't have to work until the end of her pregnancy.
The note read, "I have only one request, don't break the chain. Help someone in need."
The pregnant woman came home, sat on the couch, thinking of the mysterious woman who had appeared in her life.
The front door interrupted her thoughts.
You won't believe what happened to me today? Said Peter as he kissed his pregnant wife on the forehead, drenched in rain.
"You won't believe it!"

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-09-11 at 14:46

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