It's raining outside by Ann Wood

It's raining outside

It's raining outside and I'm sad
went away so quickly this summer now,
passed quietly without even saying goodbye,
waving a smile on his mouth.
On the outside, Vali, and so much the sun shines on me,
stroked me in the morning,
you hair gently on my head.
It is raining outside but I carry it in my heart
our important things,
The love of a father
the rise of Julia and a universal freedom.
When the soul is free and unshackled,
only then can you achieve,
even with your thoughts a glowing star,
A star to keep you warm,
in the morning,
and in the evening like crickets to sing to you
with the trawls in the summer and now.
It's raining outside but I'm not sad
sadness i know not for me,
i love my soul and
God bestowed me with her.

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-09-11 at 15:03

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