For my messy... VERY messy little sister!

Under My Bed

Under my bed
is a Barbie doll head,
a flat basketball,
a shirt that is red,
A smelly old shoe,
a sweater or two,
a play pretend saw,
and pants that WERE new.
There's a collection of ants,
a pair of sweaty pants,
a baseball glove,
a stuffed bear called "Lance,"
My kitten called "Nana,"
a half-peeled banana,
a baseball I love,
and a stuffed tiger named "Lanna".
Now, in my closet,
is a little baby bear...
Wait! Stop me... NOW!
You DON'T wanna go THERE!

Poetry by Catherine Stout
Read 737 times
Written on 2006-06-05 at 00:53

Tags Silly 

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