this is a dream I had. it freaked me out and relaxed me at the same time. I now KNOW that I am going to heaven someday...

The Filing Cabinet: Saved by the Blood

I was in a room. I had no idea where I was; I did not recognize this place. It was empty, all except for one thing. There was a filing cabinet with one drawer to it. I looked around. I was scared. I wanted to open the drawer and look inside it, but I was afraid at the same time.

I sniffed the air. It smelled like something was burning...maybe paper. I ignored the smell and redirected my eyes to the filing cabinet at the far end of the room. It was black, and very shiny. it stood against the middle of the wall, the short cabinet did. The walls were a dark purple. There was a red door on the wall left of me.

I turned around to find on the wall written in such a deep red, it looked the color of blood, "YOU ARE MINE!"

I screamed at the sight and ran to the door. I found it was steel, and it was locked. I banged hard on the door, over and over again, hoping someone would hear my shouts and bangs. It was no use, though. I collapsed amongst my tears that began to fall to the steel floor. PLINK! PLINK! PLINK! The tears made a loud noise on it. I wanted to leave this strange place, but I knew that was impossible. No one would hear my cries of anguish. No knight in shining armor could rescue me now, as he had in my earlier childhood imagination. What would I do?

The filing cabinet. I slowly turned my head to the right so I was staring right at it. Then, I made a noble decision. I would open it. I would see what was inside. After all, it could be helpful. Maybe...

I shakily stood on my feet, wiped the tears from my face, and took the first step.

My journey to the small cabinet started in a stride. Then, I gradually started to go faster, until I broke out into a run, straining my muscles with all my might to reach the one thing in this room that could mean freedom.

It seemed as if I had been running for hours, but as I approached the filing cabinet, I turned around to see that the other end of the room was only about 6 feet away.

I redirected my attention to the filing cabinet, to the drawer in front of me.
My hand made its way through the musky air and my fingers wrapped themselves around the handle. Slowly, my thumb made its way to the button beside the handle.

Suddenly, CLICK! I jumped at the sound that bounced off the steel room that I was being held in. I didn't remember pushing the button, but there was my thumb, still holding it in. Slowly, almost as if I thought death would shoot out at me, I pulled the drawer.

My heart began to beat faster and faster. I got dizzy and hot. Sweat rolled down my cheeks. I was scared of what I was seeking...

I thought the room darkened. I realized, it did! It was as if I was committing some unspeakable crime.

It was opened. It was just like any other filing cabinet, it seemed. It had folders in it, each labeled. But what was in the folders? What would the files hold to help me? I wondered. A million questions swam in my head. The only way to answer them all? Look inside.

My quivering hands reached for the folder closest to the front. It was labeled: "LIES". It seemed so thin, but as I opened it, I saw millions of tiny little pieces of paper. I read one: July 8, 2006: "I didn't take any! I PROMISE you!" she said.
Catherine Stout

I couldn't believe my eyes! This was just yesterday. I remembered the whole incident. My eyes widened as I read each terrifying strip of paper. Had somebody been spying on me? This wasn't possible! My sins shouldn't be here! God forgave me, didn't He?

As I forged on, I remembered each one I read. "NO!" I shouted. "NO! THIS CAN'T BE!" I began to cry as I realized, each was written in MY handwriting, each had MY signature at the bottom, each was dated by ME.

I burst into a storm of tears and shouts, and as I did, I heard a CREAK! sound. I turned to the wall to the right of me and my eyes wandered to the end of the wall, where the big red door was. Something so terrifying came through the door, and it had opened the door so easily, that I screamed in fright. The creature standing before me was large, and very dark. I actually only saw a dark figure for a few moments, then everywhere was pitch dark. It was dark, but somehow, I managed to see. The figure pointed to the papers and folders scattered all over the floor and said with a terrible voice, "BECAUSE OF THIS..." and waved his hand around at the pile, "YOU... ARE... MINE!!!" He laughed an evil laugh and I screamed, "Please, God! Help me!"

As this scream left my lips, a blinding light fell, and the whole ceiling was gone. Someone appeared, and as he did, the light faded away, except for around his body.

The creature, who was the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, call it whatever you want, screeched, which made a terrible noise. I covered my ears while this noise went on. It lasted at least a few minutes.

My eyes widened, as I realized who he was. God's Son was right before my eyes. I was astounded! He said, "Child, my blood," showing me his hands and his feet, "has saved YOU."

I knelt down on my knees and praised him, thanking him for hearing me in my time of need. Tears of joy bursted from my eyes. They blurred my vision, and within a few seconds, the pieces of paper on the floor were back in the filing cabinet... where they belonged.

Jesus told me to look inside the cabinet, and I looked at him, pleading with my eyes, "Please, don't make me do it again..." But he urged, "Go on, Child. You're okay." As I began to open the drawer, I turned, hearing a noise. Lucifer was running from the room, screaming over and over again, "I'll get the next one! I will!" Eventually, the screams faded, and I turned back to the drawer. I opened it, reached inside, and grabbed the folder labeled "LIES". I looked inside. Over every signature on every slip of paper, was signed the name, "Jesus". The signatures were written in such a deep red, I knew it could ONLY be blood. I looked at the next folder, and the next, and yet the next. But I needn't check anymore. They were all there. The signatures of blood...that had saved my life. I looked into Jesus' soft, kind eyes, and whispered, "Thank you." I hugged him, and I walked out the big red door of that big steel room, safely, and hand in hand, with: Jesus.

Short story by Catherine Stout
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Written on 2006-06-06 at 21:04

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it is touching to see this dream repeated. but this is the dream of a kid that died shortly thereafter, i heard it at least 5+ years ago. beautiful to bear testimony to the father, bad to steal words and not give credit. perhaps you didn't steal them, and just also had the dream. God works in mysterious ways, no doubt. but i have DEFINITELY seen this one before, and i know you're not the same person that wrote it because the kid died like the next day or week. same exact story slightly reworked, with the file cabinet with all the sins and jesus signing his name over. it's a beautiful story, and good to be retold. but ???? are you a plagiarist? how can you give glory to God if you do so by stealing and pretending? and if you sincerely had the dream, i'm sorry to sound rude. but i am not mistaken here. it's a big world, maybe it's possible for two to have such a powerful dream.... (?)