one of my personal favorites, and my first ever poem I have written. BTW, I know the seasons aren't in order, but I wrote at age, like, 9.

A Single One

Gliding, flying, dancing
across smooth glittering ice
in a winter wonderland full of snow.
You freeze the moment to see a single flake,
falling and swirling in a trance of beauty.
Soon winter leaves
and fall approaches...
A single raindrop, you freeze the moment for.
For its beauty.
You freeze the moment to see a single leaf,
all red, orange, and yellow,
floating by like a boat on the gentle breeze.
Soon fall returns to its hiding place,
and summer peeps out.
You take a walk, on the hot, hot, ground.
You freeze the moment to see a single ray,
just a single beam of light fall down.
And finally, lastly, but the most beautiful of all,
spring jumps into action as summer takes its rest.
You swing your legs, sitting on a bench in the flowers.
You stop the moment and freeze it,
to see a single flower bloooming,
in lovliness and beauty that warms your heart.
And you stop and freeze,
also to see the animals just been born.
New life begins,
and you freeze the moment
to see a single one.

Poetry by Catherine Stout
Read 1035 times
Written on 2006-06-05 at 01:23

Tags Nature 

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You have a very beautiful way with words, my dear.Sometimes it is extremely refreshing to see the world the way a child does......thank you for that insight:)