The night visitor by Ann Wood

It is a dark and rainy night, somebody on the front door of the house. I look out the living room window to see who it is. In front of my house is an early deer running away from the storm that is coming. I go outside and pick up the wounded deer in our backyard shed. I call the vet to come and see the deer. The storm outside is intensifying and becoming even more dangerous. I go into the house again and pick up blankets and a bucket of water and hay from the barn in the yard. The veterinarian arrives after 30 minutes and begins to look at the deer foot. The poor deer had broken one leg and the other had hurt very badly and would have to sew a few stitches. I helped the veterinarian splint the broken leg and sew the other deer leg. After we finished, I cleaned the shed and made a bed for the deer. Then I gave him water and food and covered with blankets to protect him from the cold February night. I also made the electric stove keep the temperature in the shed normal so that the deer would not freeze. At night I went to look after him and give him more hay and water, and the medicines the vet left me to give him over the next few days. The next morning, the deer waited for me in the shed to give him water and hay and began to lick my hands as a sign of gratitude. Later that morning another roe deer with three baby roe arrived at the ranch. Also injured and infirm, I called the vet again and he came to see them too. I devoured the wounded roe deer and fed me water and hay and placed me in the shed next to the wounded deer. After we took care of them, we called the woodsman to tell him that there should be poachers in the woods nearby that killdeer and roe deer in the forest. I took care of the poor animals until they were fully recovered and built a barn where I left them to live there. My ranch is next to the forest and I have surrounded several acres of forest that have been in the possession of my family for years. From that point on, the forest became a reserve for deer and roe deer in it. And as mayor of the village, I banned deer hunting in the area. So I saved a herd of deer from their heavy wounds inflicted by poachers in the forest. My appeal to all the people of the world is to keep the wildlife in our forests for our generations in the future.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-02-16 at 18:16

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