Mercy by Ann Wood



I was a bystander ...

I saw a little girl, no more than 7-8 old. She stopped a well-dressed gentleman and stretched out a handle to him. I didn't hear what she said to him. I could only see him push the child, waving his hand, hurrying forward, and getting into his expensive car.

The girl bowed her head.

I went to her and greeted her. She smiled nonetheless, her eyes still sad.

"What happened, why did he push you away?"

"I asked this uncle for 1 lev," she said shamefully. And she went on with a trembling voice - I didn't get it, I didn't have the money ...

- For what? Did you want to buy some treats?

- No, uncle. I wanted to buy medicine for my mom. But the aisle at the pharmacy said they were not reaching. It is also expensive to go home to get some more money. But ... - sad again - we are gone, Mom is sick ...

It was cold outside. I suggested that the child go to the pharmacy and take the medication. Her eyes lit up, her face lit up. And she said,

- But how? I didn't even use the magic word?

I looked at her weird and asked who she was?
The answer was:

- Mom told me one of the magic words was - Please!

I used it when I asked that gentleman. I told him, "Can you please help me with 1 lev, they are not enough for my mom's medicine." Then he pushed me.
But you know ... I'm not angry with him, probably his medicines are very expensive, so he didn't have the opportunity to help me.

This child increasingly confused and surprised me. I asked again bewildered:

"Why did you decide he was sick?"

'Surely frowning, angry, and rude drugs are very expensive. I don't know, I think so.

This kid hit me ...
We went to the pharmacy and took our medication. I suggested we jump to a nearby pastry shop and buy something. She told me:

“My mom told me not to take anything from strangers.

- Well, let's meet then. My name is Angel. And what is your name?

"An angel like those from heaven?"

I smiled. I felt I knew her and was somehow connected to her.

- My name is Hope.

"How would you have taken one lion from that stranger if you had given it to him?"

That's another, she said. Then I used the magic word, and I didn't tell you anything.

- Then let me use the magic word: "Will you come with me to the patisserie to have something and tell me about these magic words?"

The girl smiled.

- Okay, but mostly I agree because you want to know about them. And they are very important and I will tell you.

I became more and more captivated by this wonderful baby, by her thinking and upbringing.

We sat down, eyeballs and warming while she ate from the chocolate cake. Explain to me:

“You know, Uncle, I'm not angry with that gentleman. His mother must not have told him about those magical words that open the door to magical worlds and to good.

- Who are they? I asked curiously and impatiently.

"MERRY, it was her answer."
M - for Please
And - sorry
L - I miss you
Oh - I love you
C - Sorry
T - For Patience.

And one of the most important words - Thanks! Now I'm going to use it and quickly start listing:

- Thanks for the lion, thank you for the cake and for wanting to hear the magic words.

She looked at me suspiciously and asked me.
"But, Uncle - are you sure you didn't know about them?"

I smiled. This baby made me happy. I was thinking. To my great regret, I still had no children ... But I knew that every child should know about these magic words.

- Mom also tells me we need to be good with people. If she had been with me to meet that gentleman, she would have told me not to be sad and not to have that bad feeling in her heart for him. Because maybe he needs help too. She's such a mom, I listen to her carefully and I believe her. You know mothers never lie?

I smiled again and nodded in agreement. This kid kept me quiet and I didn't know what to say ...

"And your father, is he at work?"

She was slightly sad, her eyes moist, but she continued.

- Mom told me that they loved each other a lot and that he was a good person. But one day it became a disaster ... and 7 years ago we lost it. He gave his heart for another person to live. I don't know how this works ...

Something squeezed my throat and I could barely hold back my tears. I put a hand on my heart, it was unstoppable, as if it would pop out of my chest. It was as if I was somehow connected to this child. 7 years ago, I had undergone such an operation ... A stranger and a good man saved my life. Was it possible?

Hope continued to tell.

"I was a baby, and I don't remember him, but my mom told me that through me he left a piece of himself with her." To never be alone. She tells me that when she looks into my eyes, she sees him that on my face they will always be together.

I was left in a stupor, a sadness enveloped my heart. I thought what a wonderful woman Nadezhda's mother was. Left alone, after all the ordeal, she was able to teach her child such important things as, MERCY and THANK YOU!

Suddenly a song sounded on the radio. Where by chance or not ...

- Hey, Uncle, do you hear the song, it's Rossi Kirilova, do you know her? Mom often sings to her, I like her a lot. And it also mentions my name - Hope.

I listened ...

"If everyone around the world
we reach out, we will meet…
It will stay far back
the cold wind ... and the autumn ...

And then there will be hope
probably all winter long…
Does it cost a lot -
to reach out to someone?

If everyone on this earth
look at the stars for a moment,
we will find that one falls
like a baby tear from my eyes ...

You can't bring the star back,
but you can hug a child.
Does it cost a lot -
to reach out to someone?

Seasons and days pass;
life still goes on.
Millions… Millions of destinies -
and each of them obliges.

For clear water, warm clothes,
for love, hope, comfort ...
Does it cost a lot -
to reach out to someone? ”

I couldn't, I just couldn't say anything, just listened. I listened to the lesson of kindness that Hope gave me.

The girl finished the cake quickly and said:

- Uncle, I have to go, Mom is waiting for me with the medication. Thanks for everything!

I wanted to accompany her and meet her mother. The child took me. We came in. She ran to her mother and hugged her. The woman lay on her bed, rose slightly, and looked at me anxiously. Hope smiled and introduced me:

- Mom, this is Uncle Angel. He helped me by giving me 1 lev because they were short of medication. That's not all, treat me to a chocolate cake. And calm mom, I thanked him. As you taught me.

The child smiled, winked at his mother, and I heard her whisper and say, "Mom, I think he's a wizard."

I smiled at the woman. I also said that I was delighted at how smart and good a child she had brought up. I also wished a speedy recovery. I donated a sum of money to Nadezhda, explaining that they were grateful that she had revealed to me the secret of the magic words. I left them my phone number too. I told them that from today they can call me whenever they need something. That I would gladly help them with whatever I could.

The woman and she thanked me warmly, making it visible and uncomfortable. But she was smiling, smiling hopefully.

I had to leave, I wished them a nice day.

Leaving the entrance, I heard Hope's voice. She had shown herself to the window and exclaimed:

"Uncle, I understand your secret - you are a magician with a very kind heart!" I'm sure you do a lot of good things every day and help people. Isn't this the work of the magicians? Probably many miracles happen in your life. Thank you! Waving my hand vigorously.
I smiled, waved and left ...

It rains, as if time was helping me hide my tears, which just flowed after meeting this child and her mother. It was as if the sky was crying with me. And in my mind, the song from the pastry shop sounded: "Does it cost a lot to reach out to somebody ..."

I `m home. At the door my wife ran to me with the words:

- Miracle, it was a miracle - I'm pregnant. After so many years of waiting ...

My tears were flowing again and there was nothing left to hide. A spark of hope was already lit up and was shining in my heart.

A magician? No, I was just an ordinary person. She, Hope - she was the miracle I met.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-03-23 at 16:48

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