inside everyone of us there is a revolutionary...lets make the world a better the heroes in this poem did...


this is for the revolutionaries
who relentlessly pursued their ideals
those who rebelled against the establishment
those who were voices for the voiceless
Che Guevara...Dedan Kimathi
leaders of the revolutions
that brought us freedom
Mahatma Gandhi...Steve Biko
assasinated for preaching the truth
you were outlaws to the oppressors
you were heroes to the oppressed
Martin Luther had a dream
of peace, harmony and equality for all
...some people thought you were crazy
and so they killed you
but your dream lives on...
it is actually coming true
Nelson Mandela...Vaclav Havel
you have made the world a better place
you are the revolutionaries who had no fear
freed the people from the forces of evil
inside every one of us there is a revolutionary
we must speak out and act when things go wrong
then...the world will be a better place

Poetry by Mike
Read 398 times
Written on 2006-06-07 at 10:58

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