Phone calls between father and son by Ann Wood

The father: - Son, I want to see you, where are you?
The son: - Dad, I have a lot of work ..
Father: -Son, I'm looking for you, but I can't contact you.
The son: - We had a meeting, father ...
The father: - Son, today we are waiting for you for lunch ...
The son: - Dad, I have a program with friends, which was made some time ago ...
Father: -Son, I just wanted to hear your voice ...
The son: - Dad, I have to close now, I'll call you later.
The father: - My child, when will we see you?
The son: - Dad, I'm very busy, I'll pass one day ...
The father: - Son, I dreamed of you last night, are you okay?
The son: - I'm fine, Dad, I'm fine ... I'm driving now, I'll call you in a moment.
The father: - Son, whenever I call, you still have a job, you are busy, you are tired, and I miss you so much, when will we meet?
The son: -Oh, father, that's right ...
After a while, the son calls his father ... But the father's neighbor answers the phone.
The son: - I have to talk to my father, but I have a lot of work, I wanted to tell him that I will not be able to come.
Neighbor: - Your father died last night, and his last words were: "My son may now have a business meeting, he may be tired, do not disturb him. You bury me ... and he died ..."
The conclusion remains for us ... Parents must be valued and respected while they are alive! Once they leave, there is no point in repentance!

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-05-20 at 18:43

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