The stranger by Ann Wood

The stranger ...
... That's how I met him ...
Somewhere among the stars!
I didn't even remember his name -
I did not succeed! Were his eyes blue?
Like the heavenly worlds -
exactly the same I remembered for centuries!
We danced the waltz with the stranger ...
An invisible hand approached us!
And bless us with a crazy rhythm,
it was fabulous when there was no cold!
He told me where and how he lived -
it was not earthly, but a road was walking towards me ...
I loved it! I changed for a moment!
All previous love I forgave!
... I flew with a stellar halo dance ...
In the company of a million comets!
Brahms played universal chaos for us,
and how invisibly are our bodies fused ?!
The real dream continued to Infinity ...
With the stranger ... we settled in Paradise!
It was a wonderful tale, Fate, and Orissa ...
No one like him loved me, darling!
But the morning came with rays from the sun
and my Heart wept bitterly, sleepily!
How I wanted to go down to Earth with me ...
Oh, Lord! The stranger took my Soul!

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-05-20 at 23:11

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Until the stranger took your heroes soul i would have wished you (and me) to live a love like this.Excellent work.Dreamy.