A phone call from an old friend from Ann Wood

I am a young woman, and I work for a car, caravan and RV company, my name is Gabriela Smith, and I live in Dallas, Texas. My house is near downtown Dallas, and the company I work for is just two blocks from my house.

One night I got a phone call from an old friend who lives in California. He called me to ask if I had time to go out with him the next night at the movies and then to dinner and talk about the good old days. I told him I would be glad to see him, and if he could take me from us at six o'clock in the morning. He was happy, and we talked to me a little before we said good night.

The next day I was at work, talking to my colleague and friend Martha about the Christmas party next month. She would throw a party at them and ask me to help her with the menu and the decoration of the house and the Christmas tree. During the lunch break, we had lunch at the KFC, and I made plans. I mentioned that I was going out with an old friend from college in the evening. She was happy and wished me success. When we got me back to the office, I checked my emails and answered a few of them. After that, I finished the annual report of the company. I left work at five, and I live two blocks from the company. When I got home, I checked my mail, and then I took a shower and changed for the meeting.

David, he arrived at precisely six, I invited him in for a drink before we left for the movies. The movie starts at seven, and we'll be walking. He agreed to come in and have a drink with me. We went out at six-thirty. We walk to the cinema, and it was twenty minutes away. We will watch the new series of Mama Mia. We buy Pepsi and popcorn for the movie. The film was exciting, and the music was superb. I sang with the artists and cried at the end. After the movie, we visited a new restaurant in downtown Dallas.
The food was excellent, and the atmosphere quite pleasant and comfortable. Traditional Chinese music sounded from the system. David and I enjoyed the superb food and music, talking about the past and our plans for the Christmas holidays. David said he recently moved to work and lives in Dallas, Texas. David works as an interior designer at a Dallas interior design company. He sent me home, wished me good night, and then said he would call me over the weekend for a walk. I wanted him a good night too and entered the house. He waited for me to turn on the lights in the house and then called me to tell me that he had a great time with me. I went to bed and couldn't sleep for a long time, and I was too excited about the movie and dinner after that.

The next day I went to the office as usual early and turned on the coffee machine and ordered donuts for my colleagues. Martha came ten minutes later and started asking me about last night and how the meeting went. I told her where we went and which movie I watched. She asked me if it was worth the film, and I told her she should watch it inappropriately. Today is the last working day of the week, and I'm looking forward to it ending and that I can go home.us. Good thing it was loaded that I didn't notice when it was five o'clock. Today, out of so much work, I didn't even take my lunch break. When I got home, I was so hungry that I ordered a pizza from an Italian restaurant near my street. It was the boy delivering the pizzas who overtook me, and my phone rang, asking David to ask me if he was leaving our weekend appointment, and how my day at work had gone. I told him that the meeting remained and that I had a hectic day at the office. He said he was nearby, and if I wanted, he could come through us and make me dinner. I thanked him and accepted his offer. Then I paid for the pizza and went into the house. The weather today is quite cold. At five forty-five, David rang the bell, and I answered. He was carrying two grocery shopping bags and a bottle of white wine.

While we were cooking me, spaghetti with marinated meatballs and I made a salad of cabbage and carrots, and I shared my pizza with Davit. Good thing I had ordered a medium pizza as if I knew he would come to cook. When the spaghetti was ready, I set the table and lit scented candles to convey a bit of romance to the evening. David is a great cook, and he makes the best spaghetti I've ever eaten. After I had dinner, David asked me if I wanted to go with him for the weekend to the hut he had bought two days ago. It is about 30 km north of Dallas.

I smiled at him and said I'd be happy to go with him, but I need at least an hour to pack and call the neighbor to look after my dog ​​and water the flowers. He said the dog was coming with us, so the neighbor just had to water the flowers while I was gone. I went up to my room and began to take clothes out of the closet and cupboards. I took three sweaters, two pants and a pair of jeans, pajamas, toiletries, my bathrobe, underwear, my running gear, and slippers. I changed into a sports team, and put on a sweater, put my laptop in my bag, took my medicine, and my cosmetic bag. In less than an hour, I went downstairs, put on my coat, and put on my hiking boots. I took some sneakers and a jacket so I wouldn't get wet if it rained. I called the neighbor, then closed all the windows and doors, turned on the alarm, and locked. David had packed the rest of the food, and he had put everything in the ca. And he was waiting for me with the dog at the door.

It was eight o'clock when we left. David said we had to go through his house to get the keys to the hut and his luggage. I was traveling in his jeep, my dog ​​Lassie was sitting in the back seat, snoring sweetly. Lassie's breed is Rough Collie, and she's very affectionate. I caught up in front of David's house at eight-forty, he went down to get his things, and I stayed in the car. David returned twenty minutes later with his luggage and his German Shepherd dog named Netty. We left at nine, and we drove slowly, as it started to snow. The two dogs immediately became friends and enjoyed the falling snow. It was ten o'clock in the evening when I reached the hut. David had prepared firewood and lit the fireplace while I brought in luggage and dogs. There was also air conditioning in the shelter, and he let it warm the rooms. I unpacked my food and shopping bags. Then I fed the dogs, and David showed me the cabin. It was large and charming, with ten rooms, a large kitchen and dining room, a vast living room with a large fireplace and a plasma TV. The hut belonged to a wealthy artist who had recently died of a heart attack, and his wife sold the cabin to David after his death.
David made tea to keep us warm and turned on the TV to watch some movies. We sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, and I snuggled into it, feeling cold. The dogs lay at our feet and fell asleep. Since nothing was exciting, we turned off the TV and David turned on the radio to listen to music. I fell asleep almost immediately, and he woke me to take me to my room. I wished him good night and went to bed, the air conditioner was working, and I fell asleep again. David, he was in the next room, and in my dream, I heard him talking to some people on the phone.

On Saturday morning, I got up at eight-thirty, washed, and changed. And then I went downstairs to make coffee and breakfast, fed the dogs, and let them play in the yard. David went down at nine, and we had breakfast. It was still snowing outside, the dogs scratching at the door, wanting to get inside. I got up and let them come in. After breakfast, David lit the fireplace when it was off. I took out my laptop to check my email, and I saw a message from Martha. He asked what I was going to do this afternoon? I told her I was out of town for the weekend with David. She answered me immediately and wished me to have a good time with him, and that we would see each other on Monday if the roads were open because of the heavy snowfall. I wished her a lovely weekend and then closed the laptop. And I went to sit next to David on the couch, and he was looking at the weather forecast, which was not very good. They announced an orange code and that if it does not stop raining by evening, all roads in the country will be closed. David turned off the TV and took his car keys, and told me to dress warmly and go shopping in the nearby town for a few days.
We took the dogs with us and left. At ten, we overtook me in front of the store. I took a big cart and started shopping. I bought me sugar, flour, rice, canned food, fresh fruits and vegetables, oil, vinegar, salt, spices, honey, fig jam and berries, tea, coffee, milk, meat and fish, barbecue charcoal, water, wine, and a few juices. Also, dog food, I took a book of crossword puzzles, several magazines, and a book. On the way back, we passed and refueled the car at the gas station. From there, we stopped at the farm by the road to the hut, and David bought brined cheese and yellow cheese, olives, and game meat, the farmer is a hunter.

When we returned to the hut, it was noon. We unloaded my car, and I set to cook lunch. I made homemade chicken soup and a hunting casserole. David put everything in the fridge and the meat and fish in the freezer. Canned food and other products placed in the closet. Then he put more wood on the fireplace and came to help me in the kitchen. The dogs were playing in front of the fire while we cooked. Lunch happened a little over an hour later, and we had lunch. After we ate, I washed the dishes and made a cup of tea. I took the drink and cookies to the living room where David was watching a movie. I sat next to him and stared at the video. Then I got up and took my crossword puzzles and started solving one. David said he would go out and chop more wood for the fireplace. At three o'clock my phone rang, it was a colleague from Michaela's office, to ask me if I had submitted the annual reports the day before? I told her I had left them on her desk. Then I talked to her a little, and I hung up.
David had fallen asleep on the couch, and I wrapped him in a blanket. Then I turned off the TV so I wouldn't wake him and took my book to read. When he woke up, it was past six, I made a salad and poured a glass of wine while I put dinner to warm up. I had dinner at seven, and then we watched Gladiator on my laptop. David had taken a few DVDs and a package of party games. It was past midnight when I went to bed. I fell asleep as soon as I went to bed. I was so tired. I woke up at four o'clock from the noise outside, put on my robe, and went to David's room. I knocked on the door, and he opened it immediately, he had heard the noise too. I went downstairs and looked out the window, and I saw the headlights of a car in the distance. David put on his coat and boots, picked up his two dogs and his rifle, and went outside to see who he was. After a while, David returned and said that it was the sheriff's office that he saw smoke coming from the hut and that a lamp lit in one of the rooms. The sheriff did not know that the cabin had sold and that the new owner was here. He wished him good night and left. We laid me down again, but neither of us could fall asleep. David knocked on the door and opened it slightly, asking me if I was sleeping and if he could come in. I told him I was awake and that he could go in. David arrived and sat on the bed next to me and asked me if I was scared of the sheriff's unexpected visit. I said, yes a little, he hugged me and kissed my forehead. I moved in to make room for him to lie down next to me; the place was cool because I had turned off the air conditioning. He lay down next to me and hugged me again, I hugged him and fell asleep.
On Sunday morning, when we got up at ten, it was still snowing hard outside. They declared a state of emergency on the radio, that the roads were closed due to the snow, and begged people not to go out in their cars. There were a lot of fallen trees from the storm. David snowboarded and went to carry the fallen trees to the hut. Then he cut them with a saw and cut them to be ready for the fireplace. While he was working in the yard, I made sandwiches for breakfast and tea. I called my boss to tell him I was out of Dallas and that I couldn't go to work the next morning because of the bad weather. He told me that the office would not work until the snowstorm passed, and the roads became passable for cars. Since tomorrow is the first day of December, my boss told me; that this year we could close the office earlier for the holidays due to bad weather. I wished him a good day and closed. After a while, Martha called me to ask how the weather was with us? I told her that the storm was powerful and there were a lot of fallen trees on the road. She told me to be careful and call her if the weather didn't work out. When I closed, David was standing in front of me and asked me if I was okay. I told him, yes; I'm fine, I just have a headache. He hugged me and kissed me gently on the lips. Come, Gabriela, I'll do a head massage, it might help. I smiled at him and kissed him, then we both went inside. I made more tea and sat on the couch next to David. He began to tear my temples and head, and I relaxed in his embrace. When he finished the massage, he kissed me tenderly and hugged me.
For lunch, we baked fish in the oven, and I boiled potatoes for salad. I made hot brandy and poured a small glass for both of us. In the afternoon, we played monopolies and listened to music. Overnight I made roasted pheasant meat with potatoes and root vegetables in the oven. David opened a bottle of wine and made a salad. After dinner, I washed the dishes and went in to take a bath. After the bathroom, I went to wash my clothes—a good thing I bought a few blouses and two pairs of jeans from the market the day before. David also came in to take a bath, and then I went to bed. He invited me to go to his room because there was a small fireplace there, and he had lit it. I put on my pajamas and took my book and went to his room. He had turned on his TV and was watching a comedy. I lay down next to him and stared at the movie. After it was over, we said good night and fell asleep.

The snowstorm lasted ten days, and when we returned to Dallas, it was December 11. I called my boss to tell him I was home and asked him if we would work the next day. He told me that if I wanted, I could open the office for a few hours in the morning and close at noon. In the evening, David called me and offered to spend the holidays with him at the hut. I agreed because this year my parents will be in the Bahamas with friends on vacation. Then Martha called me to talk about the Christmas party. I told her I would talk to David if we could do it at the hut, she liked the idea and told me to call her when I had an answer, and she hung up. I called David and told him about my plan of having a party at his hut. He agreed and suggested that we go again and decorate it over the weekend. He said we would buy the meat from the farmer and have a barbecue. I wrote a message to Martha that everything arranged for the party. She answered the minute with a big thank you.
Then I went to bed because I was going to work in the morning. Over the weekend we went to the hut again, but this time Martha and her boyfriend were with us. I went with both cars as they also have two English Greyhounds dogs, Victor and Jack. Martha's boyfriend's name is Daniel, and he works as an IT engineer in a private company. We had a great time, and the men went to the forest to cut down a Christmas tree. When they returned, we had cooked lunch and served the table. After lunch, we put the Christmas tree in the living room and started decorating it.
When we renovated it, we painted the whole hut with Christmas decorations. On Sunday night, we took me home to Dallas for the last few business days. On Monday after work, I went out to the shopping center. There I buy presents for David, mine and his parents, Martha and Jack, as well as the rest of the group for our Christmas party. David told me there was a surprise for me, but I have to wait until Christmas. The last working week passed quickly, the boss let us go early, and on Friday, he had a Christmas party. Gifts and Christmas bonus handed out. On Saturday morning, David came to pick me up. I had packed my bags the day before I went to the party. I put all the presents in a Christmas bag and took them to the car, then went back inside to get the presents and the neighbor's card, gave my spare key, and wished them a happy holiday. She gave me my gift and Christmas card, and I parted. When I got home, David was loading the last bags and the dogs. We all got on and went to the hut. It's snowing on the road again, David is driving carefully and slowly. The dogs were playing in the back seat. When we reached the snow intensified, we unloaded our luggage, and David lit the fireplace.

At noon we went to the village and had lunch at the local pub. We ordered Homemade sausage with mashed potatoes and country pears, and the bartender poured us a jug of his best wine from berries. We ate slowly and enjoyed the well-prepared and delicious food. For dessert, the innkeeper offered us a berry pie with homemade vanilla ice cream. When we ate, we ordered a little brandy and the bill. We had our drinks, and David paid the bill, thanked the innkeeper, and left for the hut. Since we had gone out on foot, on the way back, we walked in the woods and collected a few sticks to light the wood-burning stove.
When we reached the hut, I saw Martha's car parked in front. I waved goodbye and went to her, and she was alone. Daniel would come later tonight that he was busy. I helped her bring her luggage inside, and David made the dogs run around the yard for a while. I put Martha in the room I used to use and went downstairs to put the kettle on to make tea, as she was frozen while waiting for us. David went into the kitchen and kissed me gently on the lips and whispered that he loved me. I told him I loved him too and returned the kiss. When we entered the living room with the tea tray, Martha was sitting in an armchair working on her laptop. I handed her the tea and sandwiches I had made for her, as I assumed she might be hungry. She thanked me and smiled at me, Gabriella, you are my best friend, and you always take care of me. I laughed back and wished you a sweet Martha and enjoyed your lunch. I set the tray on the table and sat down next to David on the couch. We drank quite a tea and enjoyed our company.

At five o'clock, Martha and I started cooking dinner. David was watching the news, and Daniel was still not there. Martha called him to see if he had left, and he told her that he had been to the store to shop and that he would be going to the hut within an hour. She told him to get champagne for the party, and a box of chocolates, 1kg of cooking mixed chocolate for her chocolate pudding she would make. Pole both said they loved each other and shut up. Daniel arrived at eight as he changed a tire on the way, and it was starting to snow again. Dinner was ready, and when he arrived, I set the table, and we started eating. David had played romantic music on the system and lit candles. At the end of dinner, I took out a bottle of aged cognac, and we all sat on the couch in front of the fireplace, sipping our drinks. Then Martha and I cleaned the kitchen and unpacked the shopping bags. The men played chess in the living room while we were in the kitchen, talking over a cup of coffee. At eleven, I apologized for being tired and went up to our room and went to bed. David got up half an hour later and lay down next to me, we kissed and said good night and I fell asleep. David spun for a long time until he finally fell asleep at one in the morning.

The next morning, when I woke up, it was raining snow outside. David had gotten up in front of me and was in the living room, lighting the fireplace. There was no sign of Martha or Daniel being awake. I was starting to make breakfast when my phone rang. It was my mother calling from the airport today to fly to the Bahamas. I wished them a good trip and happy holidays. She thanked me and wished me happy holidays, Gabbie, and we love you, we will see each other next year when we return. I told her I love you, and I closed.
Martha and Daniel came down after twenty minutes, and we sat down to breakfast. Today will overtake the other guests, eight more couples. After breakfast, Martha and I checked to see if all the rooms had towels and water glasses. David and Daniel went to a nearby town to order Christmas cake. The first guests arrived for lunch, Alberto and his beautiful fiancée Maria, John and his sister Melani, the twins Sophie and Amanda and the two brothers Mike and Adrian. The men came home just in time for lunch, and we sat down to lunch with pumpkin cream soup and root vegetables. Martha had made country bread and homemade cobwebs. The other guests arrived in the afternoon, Melissa and Richard, Bob and Alicia, Gina and Jamie, Gloria and Mark. I put them in their rooms and then we all played bingo. In the evening we made cutlets with french fries and a salad of carrots and turnips. After dinner, we watched Sam at home last season.
Christmas is after five days, we have fun and enjoy the snow and good food. The men went hunting one morning and returned with a good result. They had killed two rabbits, three pheasants, ten quails, a deer, and a small boar. When they returned, they set about cleaning them and cutting them into portions. Meat for Christmas is provided, we will make fresh homemade sausages, minced meatballs, and other delicacies. While they were hunting, we went to a nearby farm for sauerkraut, truffles, and dried fruits for ushafa. We will use the sauerkraut for sarmi and the Kapama that I tried on my last visit to Bulgaria. Today we were all busy picking up the meat, seasoning some of the meat with spices, and putting it to marinate in the fridge. We made the sausages and ordered them to dry in the cellar in a cool place. We also tasted the minced meat for the meatballs and kebabs and put them in the fridge. On Christmas morning, the farmer will bring us the turkey for the festive dinner. We will make stuffed peppers and vine sarma too. Martha will make homemade bread and a Christmas pie with good luck, sweets, and punch.

The days leading up to Christmas were hectic, preparing for the holidays. Because we will all stay for the new year and after the holidays too, because none of us is at work until January 10 inclusive, it will be a lovely welcome to the Christmas and New Year holidays together with beautiful and charming people. For Christmas, we will make a ball with masks, and for the New Year, we will make a karaoke. Everyone is happy and having a good rest, and we organize tournaments in darts, poker, bridge chess, backgammon, monopoly, and other fun games. The men kick a ball in front of the hut; we go hiking in the forest or to the village. We watch movies in the evening or a quiz.

The weather is cold and snowing, but that doesn't stop us from going for a walk with the dogs. We play war with snowballs, and we make snowmen and figures. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and we will have meatless dishes on the table. Thirteen different servings, wine, brandy, punch, and many surprises.

Christmas was full of many pleasant surprises. It did not stop snowing for a whole week; our guests were satisfied and enjoyed the excellent food and drinks. We took a lot of pictures, sang Christmas carols and we had a good time together. The hut is spacious, and there was room for everyone; the people in the village welcomed us friendly and came to bring us Christmas cookies and pies and gifts.

On the morning after Christmas, we all planted in front of the Christmas tree and exchanged gifts. David had bought me a new phone, a cookbook, and a very expensive sweater. I had taken his cashmere sweater, a men's gold chain, with his initials. My parents gave me a trip for two to Quebec, Canada. We all liked the presents and then had breakfast. I went to the village to talk to my relatives in Dallas.

The days leading up to the New Year passed quickly, filled with much joy, happiness, and love. At New Year's Eve dinner, David surprised everyone with his marriage proposal to me. He fell to one knee, pulled out a diamond ring, and asked me if Gabbie would marry me. I smiled and said, of course, David, and he pulled out another larger box with a necklace, earrings, and a ring bracelet. It was the most significant gift for me this year.

The next morning we called our parents to tell them the news that we were getting married on July 4. They were delighted and congratulated us. In the evening, we celebrated our engagement with our beautiful friends. And the official meeting will be when my parents return from the Bahamas.

On the evening of January 10, we all returned to Dallas. It was snowing outside, but the roads were passable. David stayed with me. We decided to stay and live in my house, as it is more significant, and to give it to students because it is close to the universities in the city. My parents returned a week later, and we all went to the hut to officially celebrate our engagement. The farmer's wife had made a lovely cake and brought it to the party. It was just the two families and Martha and Daniel, as they will be the godparents of the wedding.

The weekend passed quickly; on Sunday night, we returned to Dallas, and our parents stayed in the hut for another week. To be able to get to know each other and make plans for our wedding.

The months leading up to the wedding passed quickly in preparation and shopping. We decided it was a small but very lavish wedding. As you may have guessed, it will be in the hut. In the village, we were offered to do the ceremony in the council and a treat in the local pub. In the evening, we will gather in the hut for a festive dinner, dancing until dawn.

On the wedding day, it was warm and not raining. We were all in the hut the night before. All the men had gone out to the village for an Edgen party, and the women stayed in the cabin, watching movies and doing spa treatments. In the morning, Martha did my hair and makeup, helped me get dressed in my wedding dress. The men spent the evening at the farmer's house and would come straight to the council. The ceremony was short but lovely. After signing, we all gathered for photos and then went to the pub for a treat. In the evening, we returned to the hut and had a barbecue. There were fireworks for July 4 and dancing until dawn. It was a beautiful wedding, said the people from the village and congratulated us.

The next morning we all left for Dallas because, in the evening, we would fly to Hawaii where our honeymoon would be.

When we landed in Hawaii, it was early in the morning, the weather was rainy, but they let it get better during the day. The hotel limousine was waiting for us in front of the airport. We were staying in a private five-star hotel by the ocean. We had rented the youth apartment on the top floor, with a terrace overlooking the sea and the front garden. They brought us breakfast with the studio, and we had breakfast. Then we took a shower and went for a walk along the ocean, and the water was warm and crystal clear. So bright that we could see the fish and the bottom.

When we got back to the hotel, there was a message from Martha asking how we were traveling and if the weather was good? I told her that the trip was average and that it was raining early in the morning, but it was already sunny. I also sent some photos of the hotel and the beach. She called me after she received my email. We talked a little and then wished each other a good day.

At noon we went down to the hotel restaurant there was a buffet with a variety of dishes and salads. We had a salad with seafood, lobster, and frog legs. We drank wine, and for dessert, we took a plate of fresh fruit for the room. After lunch, we went up to our apartment and watched TV. They gave a program dedicated to the island we are on.
In the evening, we ordered food for the room and a bottle of berry wine.

The evening went wonderfully and ended with a big surprise for David. I had decided that the first wedding night of our honeymoon would give him a pregnancy test, which was positive. I had put him in a jewelry box on his pillow while he went out on the balcony to talk on the phone. He was very pleasantly surprised and happy to be a father.

The honeymoon passed very quickly but filled with many good moments and memories. We had taken a lot of photos and videos. The night before our flight to Dallas, David booked the apartment for next summer. From so many emotions, we could not sleep for a long time. In the morning, we had breakfast in the room, and at eleven, we went to the airport with the hotel limousine. Our flight was at two in the afternoon, when we arrived in Dallas, it was late in the evening. Martha and Daniel were waiting for us at the airport and took us to the hut. When we arrived, it was ten o'clock, and we went to bed immediately.

After the wedding I had left the company I worked for. Next week, I'm starting a new job at David's company as vice president of finance. Work allows me to work from home, which currently suits me. David plans to open his own interior design company.

When we went for my first scan, we found out we had fraternal twins, a boy, and a girl. David was delighted. We decided to paint the children's room in the baby, pink and blue.
The twins were born two months earlier, and we stayed in the hospital until they gave enough to be discharged.

We decided to live in the hut all year round and rent out the homes in Dallas. The people from the village help us a lot, and parents often come to visit us. Life in our hut reflects very well on everyone. David made a gazebo in the back garden and a swimming pool, also a summer house where we can welcome more guests. In the front yard, there is a children's corner with swings, a slide and climbing frames. In one turn, we made a flower garden and a rock garden with various flowers and decorative cacti. Large dining table with garden furniture in the other corner. Large double garage for both cars and snowboard.

The Dave and Elizabeth twins grew up well for babies born two months earlier. Time with them passed slowly and filled with many happy moments and love. David is a wonderful husband and father. He takes care of us and helps me a lot.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-06-07 at 00:59

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Aww, thank you, my friend. I will love to visit Quebec one day.

F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
Wow, what an adventure! And with David who comes across as a real sweetheart and great company for Gabriela. I enjoyed the good feelings in this, the descriptions of their wonderful adventure, got a little concerned about the KFC eating ;), and Québec again making the popular destinations' list. Very nicely done, thanks.