Two long years without our dad, grandpa, friend and musician Yordan Dremov by Ann Wood

Time flies, but you will not return to us.
Two long years without you are like an eternity.
We miss your warm voice and your radiant smile.
You were an example to many people who respected, loved, and valued you very much.
You were a caring parent, grandfather, friend, and teacher, and you gave everyone who touched you with love and a lot of care.
You lived a dignified life, and you taught us to be good people like you.
Not a day goes by without thinking of you, dear teacher, you were like a second father to me and touched my heart with the kindness it radiated.
Rest in peace, and your eternal memory, one day we will be with you again, and until then you will protect us from heaven.
If with tears, we could bring you back, then we would weep a sea of ​​them.
If we had only one desire for God, it would be to bring back to us the people dearest to us who are in heaven with him.
The pain in the heart is profound, and will never heal, although they say that time heals, it is not valid.
You stayed alive in the hearts of many people who love and remember you forever.
As you sang in a song, letters don't come where you are.
You have time we only memories, we will meet at another time in another world.
Today we will light candles in your memory and pray for your soul to find peace and the way to your eternal home, our teacher, a deep bow to your bright mind, with love from all of us, your loved ones.

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-06-08 at 16:41

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