The hut by the lake by Ann Wood

Hi, I'm Abigail Robinson, and I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I work as a chief interior designer in a private interior design company. I am currently working on a new project. This summer I plan to go with a few friends and live in the hut by the lake.

A few friends and I rented a hut by the lake. We will stay there for the summer. My friends, Victor, Irine, Paul, Martha, Inge, Cynthia, Mario, Steven, Mark, will be with me this summer at the hut. We decided to have a beautiful summer together. We all work in the same company. And this summer, instead of our office in the noisy city, we will be at ease in the hut by the lake, where we will work and rest at the same time.

The hut is significant, and there will be room for all of us. We bought me camping equipment, food for the first week, utensils for cooking and eating, candles and lanterns, fishing rods and hunting equipment.
Tonight we leave for the hut after we switch to the office. Victor, Mark, Martha, and I will be in my jeep, Steven, Irine, and Inge in Irine's car, and the others will be in Paul's car.

We left at six o'clock after we went to pick up our luggage through my apartment, where we had left it in the morning. The hut is an hour's drive south of Nova Scotia. When we arrived at the cabin, the other two cars were already there, unloading their luggage. I parked next to Paul's car, and we all got out and took off our luggage too. We settled in and started making something for dinner. As it was a cold evening, the men went to cut wood to light the fireplaces in the living room and rooms. I made Caesar salad, and Martha made steaks with mushroom sauce and french fries. Dinner was ready at eight, and we sat down to dinner. After dinner, we sat by the fireplace and drank cognac while playing a quiz.

We stayed up late at night and played various party games. When we went to bed, it was two in the morning. Victor and I shared one room. We've been dating him for a few months now, and we're inseparable. He is very romantic and gentle with me.

The hut has ten rooms, two large bathrooms, two living rooms, a dining room and a large kitchen and cellar where the game we will hunt can be kept. Outside had a large gazebo, a large dining table, garden furniture, and a beautiful garden, in the backyard, there was a summer guest house. We rented it all for the summer so that other guests would not bother us.

The next day, after breakfast, we decided to go hiking in the woods and the lake. Our walk had a good effect on everyone, and we collected berries and herbs. In a meadow, we found mushrooms and gathered them for our lunch. The men surveyed the hunting area. We all have dogs that are trained to hunt. As you may have guessed, we are five pairs of friends and colleagues.

The walk was enjoyable, and we walked ten kilometers in both directions. When we returned to the hut, it was past noon. We prepared mushroom porridge and tomato salad, and we had lunch in the yard because it is quite sunny today.

After lunch, I made berry jam and mixed the pancake mixture. In the evening, we made pizza and pancakes for dessert. Then we stayed up late in the garden and talked while Mark played his guitar. We had lit a fire in the yard and sat by it. The night was quite pleasant, and we stayed out late.

It was past midnight when we went to bed, and I was so tired that I fell asleep immediately. When I woke up the next morning, Victor was making love to me for the first time since we were in the hut. He was very gentle with me. Then we went in and took a shower before going down to the dining room for breakfast. Today it is rainy and cold outside. We will stay in the hut and play various games or watch TV.

I spent most of my time in bed, and the lousy weather depressed me. Victor and Mark went to a nearby village to get some groceries and alcohol. I fell asleep for a while as I read the book I started this morning. When I woke up, Victor had returned and was sitting next to me on the bed. I kissed and hugged him, and then we went downstairs to the others.

We had lunch and then watched Pretty Woman on the cable. I made popcorn and homemade lemonade. And I went back to the living room with the others, sat down next to Victor. The film is old but a favorite of the band. In the evening the rain stopped, and we went for a walk. We went to the village and entered the pub where it smelled delicious of roasted meat and sausage. We also ordered roasted wine as well as cabbage and carrot salad. There were live music and a singer. We stayed until the pub closed and returned to the hut.

We were tired and went to bed when we got home. The next day my jeep and I went to get the office equipment in the hut. We went through my apartment to check my mail and pick up some things I needed, but I had forgotten to pick them up. From there we went shopping and paid the bills for the house and the office. When we returned to the hut, it was noon. We unloaded our luggage and sat down to lunch in the garden. After lunch, we equipped one free room of the cabin as an office, but the printer, two desktops, a fax machine, a drawing board, and file cabinets. We will use one of the halls as a meeting room, where we will discuss the new projects. I sat in the office and started working on one of the latest projects for a young artist, and she wants us to make a plan for her new home. I was working late at night when Victor invited me to dinner.

After dinner, I showed them what I had done with the new project so far, and everyone liked it. Then I had a few business conversations and went to bed while the others played poker in the living room. Victor came to bed at midnight, I had long since fallen asleep, but I felt him when he huddled next to me in bed.

The next day I finished the project and discussed it with the others. When I made the adjustments, I sent it to my client for approval. She called me that she liked it and that she had paid for my bank account. I thanked her, and she said she would want me to do another project for her parents' house.
When I told the others about the successful order and that we have a new one, they were delighted. After lunch, I started working on the new project while the others sat in the garden. Later, I sat down with them for a drink before lunch. They had grilled fish with potato salad. We had lunch outside in the garden and then went for a walk by the lake. The weather was beautiful for a walk, and we enjoyed the lovely view. In the evening we decided to do karaoke and then watch a love movie. Mark has a whole collection of videos on his laptop, and he shows them to us sometimes.

Thus passed our days of work and entertainment, when one day the owner called me to inform me that he was letting the hut up for sale after our contract expired and that perhaps people would want to see it. I told him I wanted to buy it and go and sign the transaction. He is thrilled with my offer of 500K Canadian dollars. When I said the others that I had purchased the hut, they were dumbfounded. In the evening, we poured the purchase, and I called a well-known agent for renting houses to announce my apartments for rent. The next day I went to pay and transferred the hut to my name. Victor came with me, and after we finished at the notary, we went to get some food in the village.

So the days passed, we worked hard on new projects that rained down one after another. We did not feel when summer was over, and autumn came. Victor and I stayed in the hut to live, the others returned to the city but often came to visit us.

On the day of the gracious Victor, he surprised me with a marriage proposal in front of guests. I accepted because I love him very much and I had a surprise for him, I was pregnant in the third month. Everyone congratulated us and was very happy for us. We have set the wedding day to be the first Sunday in January. We decided that we would get married in the church in the village and the party would be in the hut. It would be a small but lavish wedding. We invited the rest of our group, parents, and a few close relatives, a total of fifty people. I will be wearing an elegant white dress and a veil over my head. The flowers will be red roses, and the bridesmaids will be dressed in pale purple dresses and hats. Victor will be wearing a black suit, a white shirt, and a pale purple tie. And the bridesmaids in gray suits and pale blue bow ties. Guests will be dressed in Victorian clothes. We ordered a large cake with eclairs and fruit and cream.

For the media month, we plan to go to Tahiti. We have rented a yacht in which we will live until we are there. We plan to have a good and pleasant time.

And in the time before the wedding, we made a major renovation of the hut and decorated the children's room. Because we want the baby's gender to be a surprise, we painted the room white and posters from children's movies.

The wedding was adorable, and the honeymoon was divine, unfortunately short. When we returned, I began to prepare for the birth of our child. The day I gave birth, we were surprised that I was pregnant with twins, not knowing how the doctors didn't find out about the second baby. Anyway, it's us a blessing from God, with two beautiful children, a boy, and a girl. George and Charlotte. We were discharged a few days after they were born. Victor was by my side the whole time. When we got home, he had ordered food for home and flowers. Decorated the house with flowers and balloons and welcome back my dears. He had ordered new furniture for the board and a ring for me as a thank you for giving birth to two beautiful children. He had hired a woman from the village to come and help me maintain the house and prepare the food and buy the necessary products.

She was a young Italian and very kind to the children and us. He helped me with the children and everything else in the house. To make it easier for her, we gave her a room in the hut so that she would not have to rent in the village. She lived in the town for rent before she came to work for us. Her name was Maria, a very nice young woman. Maria spoke perfect English and French, which was commendable. She cooked superbly and cared for the twins as if they were her children.

Victor also helped me a lot, and he worked from the hut, so I wasn't alone. I also worked on the projects I had started before I gave birth. Our life was speedy but also filled with a lot of joy and love.

During the weekends, we had visitors almost every week. All our relatives and friends love to go to the hut. In summer, the cabin is refreshing and a beautiful place to relax. And in winter it is warm and cozy in front of the fireplace. We bought a few chickens, a goat, a pig, a few turkeys and ducks, three lambs, and a calf. Victor liked to farm and take care of the small vegetable garden and a few fruit trees in it. We also had flower beds. The cattleman from the village comes to take the animals for grazing every morning. Maria took care of the birds in the yard. One day a villager from the town gave two rabbits to the children.

Time passed quickly past work on the farm and in the office. For Easter, we have decided to baptize the twins in the local church. We will invite only our closest friends and relatives. All our friends from last summer who were with us in the hut wished to be the godparents of the twins. And in order not to be angry, we agreed that the four couples should be godparents.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-06-13 at 02:02

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Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
Thank you Jim, glad that you like it.

jim The PoetBay support member heart!
Once again you've created a loving and enchanting world.