Endless Love

I have wasted my life away
On cheap thrills
And hot dogs

I have lived
And i have died
In my hometown

I've covered foreign lands
And i have come back home again

I gave away my future to
Someone i don't know
I hope she enjoys it more
Than i ever would

Then one day i met her
A lost soul like myself
Cut up and bruised
With scars along her arms

She's been abused by life
Over and over
She was tired

So i took her worried
So i took her fears
And i put them in my chest
Signed up for her bittersweetness
The whole prenuim package

One night
Just one

We met in the park
Late one night
Just a slip of a girl
I, a young woman
None too much about things
That should shock her
But wouldn't
She's been there too

We drank to the skies
Toasted to the moon
Screamed at the stars
How dare they twinkle
That brightly tonight

She messed up
I fucked up
Locked up
In love


On the grass
Feeling the cool
Feel of the soil
Beneath our bodies

We held hands
Finger mingling
And carressing

This was love
Never like before
This was love
When you have
No love left
At all

Poetry by jacy
Read 690 times
Written on 2006-06-09 at 02:58

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