You say you're addicted to me
When in truth i'm the one
Addicted to you, then and now

You seem to think i don't feel loved
When in truth i'm blinded by it
Just how much you give and not know

I see like a flower
You have bloomed
Opened up
Revealing a sweetness
So true
So pure
So new

I see you open up your heart
Your passion and soul
And i touch them so tenderly
For baby, i can assure you
I would never hurt them
I would never hurt you
That i can guarantee

I like how
We are
No matter
How many
Are around
We can turn
That moment
Into just
Me and you

Cuddle up
Talk for hours
Kiss and smile
With the others
In the back
Moaning on

If only they could see
What is happening here
My everlasting memory
Soaking you up
So even in my darkest days
When i feel so far from you
I can search inside
And open up my memories of you
Till you come and call me out
Sending a lifeline into my mind
Sending some love into my bestilled Heart
To revive what has been dead so long Inside

Poetry by jacy
Read 819 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:23

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good one ya..:)