In Love

Waiting for you
Waiting on my lips
Just to see you

And when i do
It lights up
My insides
Like a joyful
Christmas tree

When i look into
Those eyes
It makes me fall
A little more

When you take my hand
It steadies me
When i think i will fall
And calms the storms within

Inside this quiet fragile exterior
Lies a raging constant torrent
These two extremes battling

Then you come along
Settle these storms
And my ships up-sail
Fine wheather
Destined ahead

A sun breaks out inside
For you are the light
And life inside of me

You're my warmth
When i am cold
You're my gentleness
When i have been wounded

You make me weep
In tears of joy
With things you do
Many you don't realise
But everything little
Thing you do
I notice
I see

I can never take my eyes off you
Because i am so addicted
So completely smitten
Fallen and so lost
Inside this love of ours

Just yours
Just mine
Just ours

Everytime i lie
In bliss
Next to you
It's so hard
Not to feel
Moved by you
To a point
Where i can never
Imagine a life
Without you in it

I'm in love with you

Poetry by jacy
Read 866 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:23

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Beautifully written! If it were a song I'd listen to it all the time. :-)