I'm gonna spread my wings and fly
And you won't even get a goodbye
Because you're outta my life
Hope she makes a lovely wife

I've got a spring in my step
A song and tune on my mind
And an ambition most would forgive
You were so blind to see
What you were losing from me
A loyal loving friend
Someone so kind
I'm leaving today like the wind
Flying out of your life
For good this time

He is behind me now
Not chasing me down
But with her entwined
But i'm setting mankind
Free to fly
Laughing in the wind

For i am reminded
Of this refined woman
Inside of me

I'm all i'll ever be
Not that you would see

So walk down the pub
Dance at the club
Kiss her every night in bed
Does she know you still dream
Of someone like me

Don't bother scanning
My acknowledges
You're not listed on there
For you are nothing to me
This my dear
I most certainly can

Poetry by jacy
Read 935 times
Written on 2006-07-31 at 05:23

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nice written jacy..:)