The sad story of one father by Ann Wood

The man was suffering from the worst thing that could happen to a HUMAN being: his son was dead! He could not sleep for years since his death. I cried and cried until dawn. Until an ANGEL appeared to him in a dream and said: Stop whining! "I can't take it anymore, or I see him," the man replied. ANGEL says: do you want to see him? And confirming that yes, he takes his hand and raises it to heaven. Now you will see, stay here. On his orders, many children began to pass, dressed as little angels, with a lighted candle in their hand. The man says, who am I? and the ANGEL answers him: they are the children who died and took this with us every day because they are clean. Is my son among them? The man asked if you would see him now - I would answer, as hundreds and hundreds of children passed. Here he comes, and the man sees him, glowing as he remembered, but suddenly something moves him: Of all, he is the only boy who blew out the candle. She is in great pain and terrible pain for her son. The boy sees him, comes running and hugs tightly, and says: Son, why is your candle gone?
WHY DON'T THE CANDLELIGHT FOR YOU LIKE THE OTHERS? His son replies Dad, if they light my candle every day, just like everyone else, but ... Do you know? every night your tears quench mine
- Do not cry for the loved one you have lost, whether it is your son, husband, mother, or father! Leave him to rest in peace, do not torture your life, because he will not return, but you can have it in your memory with love !!! It's hard, but let it go .. !!

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-07-07 at 16:11

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