Twenty long years without Rumqna by Ann Wood

20 years after the ridiculous and cruel death of the unique voice in popfolk
Hits such as "Two Eyes Weeping," "Eternal Love," and "The Bells Ring" will always carry the memory of her.
It is 20 years since the death of an inextinguishable star - the singer Rumyana. Only those of us who know her songs, have her albums and have touched her as a person can experience this heart-wrenching feeling and will always remember it in our minds, despite the long time she has been gone. Faithful fans and friends of the legendary singer have already posted on social networks collages with her photos, bringing back the memory of her. Among them was the musician Valentin Yankov, who wrote:
"She was one of us. She was a 1984 graduate of SMU "Philip Kutev" Kotel. He was sitting behind me, and there is the old building in the square, on today's date 30.07. Rumyana died in a car accident! Eternal and memory… !! We will never forget you!!!"
Rumyana died on July 30, 1999, near the Sliven village of Blatets. Then the Golf, in which he was driving on the way to Sofia, collided head-on with a Fiat minibus. The 34-year-old star died on the spot. The driver of the singer and her intimate friend Lubo was to blame for the accident.
The young man took an incorrect overtaking at an inappropriate speed, and when entering the oncoming lane, he crashed into the bus. Her children Ilian - then 12, and Mariana were seriously injured. The boy - life-threatening after a severe brain injury. The girl also underwent two surgeries.
The lover Lubo also jumps over a ladder, but his only injury is a fracture of the lower limbs. He mourns for Rumyana and shouts loudly as the culprit for her death. He vows to take care of his beloved's children. Many relatives, friends, and colleagues of the singer from her glorious days also cried their eyes at her funeral and swore in front of her grave that they would take care of the children. Alas, few of the promises have been fulfilled. The unfortunate Golf is known to folk fans from the cheerful video of the former hit "Hello, taxi."
In June, a month before her death, Rumyana dreamed of gray hair. Her children looked in the dream book for interpretation, and it said that her wish, whatever it was, would come true. "What did you want, mom?" The daughter Mariana was curious, to which the singer replied: "I don't want to grow old!".
Rumyana was born on December 12, 1965, in the Burgas town of Kameno. She is the youngest of three daughters in the family. Her two sisters, Yanka and Maria, live in Burgas. She began her singing performances as a student. He graduated from the Music School in Kotel with a degree in kaval and a second degree in singing. He also plays the piano. For some time, she worked as a music teacher in the village of Antonovo. After that, she devoted herself to her career as a singer. She was also a soloist of the Strandzha Orchestra. After leaving, he worked in restaurants in Burgas, Sofia, and the former Yugoslavia.
Rumyana released her first album in 1991, and later her second, with a Sliven company. However, he does not like to talk about these two albums. The real success comes with the music company Milena Records, which releases all her albums.
For her biggest hit, "Two Eyes Wept," Rumyana shares that she wrote the music and lyrics of the song almost simultaneously at a tough time when she was experiencing separation from her husband, Rusi Androlov. Her trademark is the heavy ballads, which she performs with excellent mastery. Her other "specialty" is the merry party songs. Rumyana is also known as the longest-haired singer on the Balkan Peninsula, writes flagman
Her lush mane reaches 110 cm. She says that she inherited it from her grandmother, who had long and shiny hair, growing not for days, but hours. The singer is a devoted Christian; throughout her life, she believes and strives for union with God. Her favorite life maxims are: "What you do yourself, no one else can do to you" and "Respect those you meet on your way up because on the way down, you will see them again."
Her first album was released in 1994 and was titled "Songs from Strandzha." After his second album, he signed a contract with the music company Milena Records. Their collaboration begins with the collection, "Only with you."
It includes her biggest hit - the ballad "Two Eyes Wept," which became a trademark of the singer. She left her best songs to live forever in the hearts of fans.
For them, the music company Milena Records reissued after Rumyana's death her first two albums, recorded in Sliven. Rumyana has two children - Mariana and Ilian, who have inherited their mother's great musical talent and are following in her footsteps.

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