I remember by unknow writer traslated by Ann Wood

I remember the time I worked as a house cleaner.
Unforgettable ...
But the most memorable was for my clients.
Only when they saw me at the door and became dumbfounded ... not with delight, the reasons were different.
In the beginning, while I was adjusting to different clients, some didn't want me to clean them a second time at all, there was one who paid me without cleaning that his bathroom was new ... and someone seemed to want to tell me "Sit down and rest, we will clean up ", their regret did not refer to me but to their security.
I remember various incidents, I was stuck in bathroom booths, I entered glass bathtubs from which I could not get out, it was good that the owners were not there ... to witness poses where the circus would envy me.
After two months, I got used to it, I already had permanent addresses, clients who had come to terms with the fact that the cleaner would be a decker per meter. They were even satisfied. I had a family - Chinese, a man, and a woman, age indefinite, acceptable as Chinese porcelain dolls. The man thought that was a relative term for him tried hard to teach me how to use a wash, and with such passion, as if it were his invention ... twice I could barely refrain from kicking him in the back and from telling him "Sit still, man, I don't see these tools ..." I had an Englishman, he lived in an Arsenal apartment, I shortened my life and lost at least a kilo until I found him. When I saw him, I shortened him because I found myself in the middle of an apartment-dump, and he sat a mile in the middle and played computer games. It won't be enough to explain to me in this apartment in the evening, but the strangest thing for me was that it was full of white hair.
It wasn't until the third cleaning that I realized that it wasn't him who was plucking, but his cat ...
I also realized that the dust could curl if not cleaned for a long time ... that the nails can be arranged in ascending and descending order on the shelf in the living room ... some memories were just a red dot, but what to do, when you clean people's houses, you see different things ... How I miss all this now .... I want more such moments and memories

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-09-22 at 16:52

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