On a train from Red hill to Victoria Station, London; I am going to meet a childhood sweetheart, memories of past fill me with elation, yet there are trepidations in the heart; Fifteen years have passed since we fell apart...


Here I am coming to meet you tonight,
After passing through eons of Time
Crossing over numerous bridges of life
Over troubled waters of eternal strife...

Moments associated with you
Seem to come from another life,
Far away some where in the past,
tucked away in the memory's Time-line:

Times, when life was rosy, full of hope,
When everything was in its place,
Every dewdrop was kissed by the breeze
The sun always dazzled indiscreet...

We walked with flamboyant strides,
Laughed and smiled to celebrate
the splendours of life,
all was ahead and full of promise...

Full of joy and without malice,
It was spring all year long,
As our hearts just sang along,
Joy was in forefront, happiness in the rear...

Dreams of future dispelled all fears-
Now all shattered and long forgotten,
Since then replaced by many nightmares.
Time has taken away the spring

That was in my stride, that Spring...
Time has taught me many lessons:
Now there is sorrow in my smile,
My carefree nature's careworn now,

There are creases on my brow...
My eyes shine still, but with a different light,
Tears bright have replaced the inner joy,
The sighs of satisfaction are now replaced

by the sighs that inevitably escape,
through my anguished heart...
When I will meet you today,
You will get a shock!

My image, in the mirror of your heart
Will break, when you'll look at me with a start!
Your dreams will come shattering down
When face-to-face we two would stand...

You will see a different me,
Changed and altered by ravages of Time.
The image you have of me in your mind
Will come crumbling down in a while...

Dreams will be spilled on the face of Time.
Reality will strike, and cut
with a razor's sharp edge
through the hazy sheet of Time

Rising Sun will walk into the sunset...
Will you look into my eyes?
And see that little girl smile
Her same shy smile of delight!

Or will you look away in disgust,
(Forgetting, your brow too has dust),
long before your weary eyes, will meet my teary eyes?
It will be the former, I trust...

All illusions are bound to break...
But, till then, do let me live a while
A few moments of happy reminiscence...
Let my heart take a flight

Take me back to our first night...
Let me live this moment of elation
Let me relive the happy illusion
Soon to be replaced by disillusion...

Yet, in a corner of my heart
Lurks a tiny hopeful spark...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyright : Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1108 times
Written on 2006-06-25 at 17:58

Tags Rendezvous 

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This text is so direct and beautiful stitched with longing that lets the reader walk right in to the heart of it.....

Your writing moves me.

Valentin Gabriel Cristea
Nice memories and very touching.I can see butterflies searching for happiness.I liked your poem.Very deep and good flow.Good job!

Lovely!! Full of excitement and wonder!! Let me know how it goes!

seeing an old friend after yrs past.. a reunion for sure:) hope all goes well.. as for sure it will!!
nice read...another gifted poem....:)

Shraddha Manvi
Fabulous...Now I need to ask u...what made u write this?
Let me know...

Anyway, it's a beautiful expression....

Luv and Affection

There you go with a flutter in your mind
"When I meet him, what will I find?"
But be at peace, dear mind and heart
He is a once-beloved sweetheart, now apart.
Life has changed you so much since those days
As you have walked and lived its myriad ways.
He will also have changed - he lived too, you know
So wipe away the creases on your brow.
Let the meeting happen, go meet him with a smile
This friendship, born of a love, will carry you both miles.


Kathy Lockhart
Oh Zoya, do not fret because the beauty of you is radiant! It glows from within and you are covered by its adorning light. You will not disapppoint but will bring happiness and joy renewed to a life that has been without you. You will be the oasis in the desert for this one so long without you in their lives. Beautiful write. xxx kathy

see? see?? lol

Katherine Nwelue
Well done indeed. A nice poem. Superb!

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
wow Zoya i can feel your excitement across the miles
rgds mike well done a 5 rate for this lovely text

Malin Johansson
I can feel this hopefull spark
And I hope the meeting was fine,
or will be fine :))
Sunny Regards