This story I found interesting and translated for you, my friends.

AND SOMETHING ABOUT AR traslated by Ann Wood

The supreme healer among the angels.
For physical anxieties, such as illness or anguish, there is no better healer among the angelic creatures than Archangel Raphael. That angel whose name means
"Healing from God,"
can bring immediate relief from suffering.
Raphael shines with a gorgeous emerald green healing energy. Often the Archangel envelops the diseased part of the body with its healing light. Light acts as a soothing balm and as a fast-acting way to a sudden and complete cure.
Raphael, like all the inhabitants of the spirit world, can be at the same time with anyone who CALLS on him!
The limitation of time or space does not bother him. So, never be afraid that you are interfering in the other duties of the Archangel Raphael when you call on him.
The Healing Archangel stands by you the moment you summon him.
You can call him at the moment by thinking or shout out loud.
"Raphael, I call on You, and I need Your Support NOW!"
At your request, Raphael will also contact the place of your loved one. Raphael is a powerful healer who acts as a spiritual surgeon, freeing our body and mind from fear and darkness.
Sometimes, however, we call on Raphael, and then we take on his work as a healer. For example, we do not allow him to access our "secret of guilt" so that he can clear it from us. Or we try to help him by telling him what to do. Although with good intentions, with our human tactless actions, we interfere with the archangel's action.
Therefore, after calling on Archangel Raphael, it is best to give him full access to your body, mind, and heart.
In this way, he can fulfill his God-given function to heal everyone completely.
Whether it's a toenail injury or what the end of an illness looks like, call on God and the angels for help.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-11-06 at 02:42

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