If life.. by Ann Wood

If life brings you lemons, make yourself a lemonade ...
Or simply put, learn from any situation, no matter how unpleasant it is to reap the benefits or advantages ... And my grace, do so because I believe that any experience will be useful to me. And it is not known, in the future, I may formulate something on the issue to entertain people. If you want to accept it comically, if you want to be tragic, just please don't criticize me, because I know some people will do it. Every day in my work, I meet people and situations, I face absurd questions, but a world like the color ...
At the moment I work as a conductor, I buy tickets, I ride buses, etc. - sweet job! And I observe, I study people.
Here for personal entertainment.
There are some people, and they are an endangered species, they come up with a smile, with a greeting, they come down with a wish for a good day. They are always regular, with prepared money or cards, stay somewhere, and do not bother anyone. However, most specimens are each with its own number, which is more attractive than which.
How I missed all this, so I came back to enjoy it properly!
Today is a complete idyll, a fight with the car to release a ticket because the cars on the buses work selectively, questions to me why it does not work, and I say that I have nothing to do with the car, I am only responsible for my tickets, there is a phone number - call me. What follows is a sullen face and a loud - "You still don't know what you're here for." After a while, a lady, who was late for a stop because she was staring at her phone, passes like a tanker, dragging passengers and clothes, and at my remark to be more careful. Look ", obviously I have to remember that after I board the bus, the place in it ends. The next lady makes me walk the bus from end to end, and only when she likes a place in it, then a long digging in the bag and posting in the purse and choosing yellow pennies begins, staring not at the coins but through the window. I'm waiting, and in the meantime, it's okay that others have to be charged, but "go charge others and come back" I get an order from the "lady," At the next stop, a grandmother gets on a cane and a cart, visibly weak, they also help to put up the stroller, which is not quite strong and, I see that they give her a place to sit. Still, almost through her legs passes an older adult, at first glance more resilient than the grandmother, he carries two cans and nimbly settles on the free seat, embracing the cans, which, in addition to his knees, are halfway to the knees of the neighbor in the seat, dressed in a suit. The next passenger carries leeks as if they had just been plucked from the garden, and of course, without a bag, they carry smells and dirt, but what of that, we all eat leeks ....
Situations, situations, I need more time, there is something to write about.
I often hear that the conductors were rude and sullen, disrespectful, but is it only their fault? Of course, every herd has a carcass, an indisputable fact, but I would say - as the passengers, so are the conductor!

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2020-11-10 at 10:45

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