Sunny day by Ann Wood

Today was a sunny day, and we went for a walk with my mom. We went to the market and then for a walk in the park.
There were children there who played on the climbing frames, went down the slides, or swung on the swings. Some of them skate or ride bikes. And a little girl was feeding the pigeons by the fountain. At one end of the park, a group of young people was playing football. A couple of older adults were strolling along the alleys and whispering. Mom and I walked along the path along the lake and watched the ducks and swans dancing in the water. From a tree, a squirrel began to measure passers-by with acorns. I stopped and took a picture of her, and she was hilarious with her jokes.
There is a small and charming snack bar next to the park. They make great pizzas, sandwiches, home-cooked meals and soups, pancakes, rolls, muffins, and little cakes, and coffee and tea are divine. And they always have freshly squeezed juices and smoothies. Mom and I decided to have lunch there before we went home. We ordered chicken soup, roast lamb, and liver sarma for garnish and lettuce; for dessert, we took pancakes with vanilla ice cream. The food was delicious; we also ordered for home. After lunch, we returned to the park to watch the children's concert from the nearby school. The children had a show on the occasion of Mother's Day. It was fascinating for the children to sing songs, dance, and recite poems. After the concert, we went home, watched the news and the evening series. We had dinner at seven and then watched a movie on TV. At ten, I went in to take a shower and went to bed. I watched another movie before I fell asleep. It was a wonderful sunny day filled with many emotions and beautiful moments.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-02-27 at 02:20

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