Woman traslated by Ann Wood

When God created woman,
your soul detached for a model,
he sculpted it from the rainbow for six days,
her hair from a star beam braided.
You thought he should love,
a dose of love dripped into my heart,
painted it like a flower,
with angelic beauty, he was ready.
Remaining eyes to paint -
took a handful of heat from the sun,
from the road milky with trembling formed
pupils of the neon moon.
He sent her, a goddess, to earth
and he covered their lips with sin,
dressed her with a smile at dawn,
wrapped her in sunny laughter.
He commanded it to blaze like fire,
let her tears be warm rain,
to be thirst ... and every look
to kindle the fire at once.
To be the passionate element of the sea,
in the wind - the winged refrain,
the spark sown in the heart,
and the gentle sigh night and day.
You are a great master, Lord, you are great,
among all the wonders of the world
you have given our masculine essence
with magic called a woman!
Krassimir Trifonov

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-03-08 at 11:49

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