This is a Prayer written for all the abused woman of the world..

Dear Father

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, I know that you are there.

I ask for you to let me know how much that I must bear.

My children are still young, Lord, I can't leave them behind.

If I take them with me, no money will he send, he is unkind.

He hit me again this morning, because coffee's too strong.

I know that he is worried, but hitting me is so wrong.

I told him I could find a job to help the money flow.

Oh! No! he answered sorely no wife of mine will go.

O God my Heavenly Father, the children always see,

and hear the words of anger between that man and me.

What should I do, Jehovah, please tell me how to act.

I am afraid he'll hurt me bad, and that 's a simple fact.

I'll listen for your answer I know you'll let me know.

My Prayers are always answered and that is surely so.

I thank you in advance my God, I know that you have heard.

I know that through the Holy Book, the Bible, there is word.

Poetry by Victoria Pearson
Read 576 times
Written on 2006-06-14 at 03:10

Tags Amen 

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Zoya Zaidi
This is heart reding,
You sure are my sister
where thought process goes,
You feel for the battred,
Your love for te Nature,
Your compassion for down trodden,
Your love for your children,
All these are shared by me.
And our suffering?
In my soul they seethe,
In your soul they sethe,
These concerns are common
Between us, my friend...

**Welcome again a soul-sister of me**

love, xxx, Zoya
PS Read my "Woman Burning Bright"
pleease...It is a perspective on battered women in my own country, India!!!!!!!

Very touching poem. I like the flow of thoughts...and the unwavering faith.