This is a poem that tells of a dream that I had...It was a Spiritual dream..

I had a Dream.

Night was drawing nigh, slowly tapping at my weary eyes.

My mind began to float from here to another place.

Now, I stand amidst the vapor of a silver cloud.

Here up high, in the darkness, where there are no blue skies.

All is quiet, not a sound can be heard in this space.

One must be where I am, there's no need to speak out loud.

I am in awe, as gleams of resplendent hues appear.

There was a countenace like none I have ever seen.

My heart quickened to the voice that was so faintly heard.

The words were but feelings and I need not be in fear.

With it came peace, one may say all was reverent, serene.

It seemed as though love was the heaven sent password.

Through the cloudy vapors, a message poured out on me.

"You are loved, my child, be not afraid, I am with you"

"Hold fast to Jesus, and pray, through Him you can be saved".

God came into my dream, He gave me Blessings, free.

Night gave way to skies of blue, sunshine and morning dew.

Thanks to my dream and God's message my future is paved.

Poetry by Victoria Pearson
Read 670 times
Written on 2007-01-03 at 05:29

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