About all the good and bad things that happen every day.

I See

I look around, and yet I sleep, and what I see does make me weep.

A little boy has shot his friend, poor little boy he cannot mend.

Why would a child so young of age, not barely twelve, have that much rage.

The child was aked ,"where did you find this pistol used, what's in your mind".

He stood with both hands well out stretched, and simply said "my friend he


Then, I followed sirens blazing to find a woman cops were fazing.

She screamed and yelled, and cursed the cop.

They screamed and yelled for her to stop.

I moved in close so I could see, saw a baby lying near a tree.

So still she was, no sound was heard, then came a whimper like a bird.

I look around, and yet I sleep, I see a lady in a heap.

Bus was coming she's not aware, it hit her down, did she not fear.

I see a man with little child, he touches her, It made me wild.

A little boy slips from his room, into the yard then to his doom.

I look around, and yet I sleep, but here I smile and do not weep.

A daddy there he hugs his son, just born, the child brings joy to one.

A large black dog lays on a floor, he's laying there to guard the door.

His charge, a baby, very near, and so the mommy has no fear.

An aged lady resting well, and care is given I can tell.

I look around and so I know this dream of mine was just a show.

The sad and bad things that I saw, will leave my mind soon that's for sure.

But, things that show the love we share, stays in my heart and does not wear.

Poetry by Victoria Pearson
Read 683 times
Written on 2007-01-04 at 01:32

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