A piece written about the choice of words.

I have used the Quartrain Poetry form.

Words and the Holder of the Quill

A chain of words can bring you joy.

Warm the heart of a little boy.

Tell a story that shows good will.

Up to the holder of the quill.

Words are instruments, can be bold.

It's the quill's message to unfold.

They can make you laugh, be witty.

Some chain of words can be pretty.

Other's once written, and read, hurt.

Those are the kind we want to avert.

Words can tell lies, tear at one's heart.

So, holder of the quill, be smart.

Uplift a reader, write a note.

And then be proud of what you wrote.

A beautiful story or verse.

Perhaps about the universe.

They can raise you up, give you peace.

Some sadness will surely decrease.

For me, I love the words that calm.

Like words from a favorite psalm.

But, please remember this, it's true.

What's written from your quill is you.

So, thank your God every day.

And let your quill point the best way.

Poetry by Victoria Pearson
Read 697 times
Written on 2007-01-26 at 02:37

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