saying goodbye to love

adeu mon cheri

i loved you since the first day i met you
i just didn't know it yet
and each day i think of not being by your side
i'm filled with pain and regret

i try to convince myself daily
that you're not the one
but its simpler to say ,
than to have done

i lay in bed each night, wide awake
because your voice no longer puts me to sleep
and in my thoughts i see you, as i force myself not to think
but its a fierce battle and i feel as if i'm about to sink

why at this time you may ask that i'm telling this to you
its just because no matter what happens, my heart will still be with you
and having said this you may understand
that wherever you are and whatever you do
i'll still worry about you

i worry if you have eaten,
i worry if you have arrived home safely,
i worry if you have rested
and if you are well.

i'd never forgive myself if anything ever happened to you
because my darling no matter what i'll always love you
for my love goes deeper than words can say,
it flows through my viens everyday

my life force is now longer what it used to be
because now i have to find ways to set my love free
free not by choice but by circumstance
that you will never forgive me for

but this time my love
i hope you forgive me
for in time to come when we are no more
my heart will still be here and my soul will be knocking at your door

till that time i bid you adeu
and hope that your life is beautiful and fullfilled
for you deserve all the bounties of this world
my one last wish is for you to be happy and for you to forgive me

Poetry by Nalini
Read 611 times
Written on 2006-06-14 at 14:32

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