there's a time in life when we all make a decision that we know we will live to regret but we do it anyway because at that time it was the most "logical". I still feel that pain to this day

lost in vain

when i found out about you i was really scared
scared of what i had to do
scared at the thought of losing you
scared at the thought that i wanted you
and scared at the thought that i'd always love you

i made a decision then and there
a decision i knew i'd regret
but it was my safest bet

when i saw you that day
i knew you'd always be mine
in life or death, but yet
i made that choice i knew i'd regret

it's not that i didn't care
or that i didn't love you
it's just something i had to do

even if i'm never forgiven
i will never forget
the life that you brought me
and then painfully left

to a dear heart
i'll always hold near
remember i love you
my juliette.

Poetry by Nalini
Read 717 times
Written on 2006-04-30 at 23:09

Tags Sadness 

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Mischa Ash Brookes
This poem is so enthralling and so vividly grasps that feeling of helplessness, and that feeling that we can't restrain. I love it.

The very nature of our lives is filled with errors of wrong decisions that lead to pain and sorrow. However, it is really up to us to look back at the choice mercies that we have been endowed with, learning from the errors and looking for better tomorrows. We are fallible, we are imperfect, and that is what makes life such an interesting adventure. Focus on the Sun, it appears every morning with such resplendency and by night fall darkness takes over, but we know that when the morrow comes, we shall see that resplendency again. Such is life with love: it is beautiful; it brings us sorrows; it brings us tears; it brings us dark shadows; but we can wither it all, "with hope." For it is not what happens to us in life that defines who we are, but how well we rise after we fall! You wrote a very heart felt poem.