i was in a pensive mood about 5 years ago, when i wrote this. I clearly explains my train of thought at that time. I was 18 then

what are we

is life a dream, cast by a shadow
unbeknown to us
merely devised by those in power the time to fulfill their destiny
but what is their destiny
is it a desire brought forth fromlife's unconquerable existence

an existence so embedded within the conscience of those involved
that life whether in a dream or a saved memory becomes the truth
and even time's reality

is the music of chopin and mozart truly works of art
or is it what we are made to believe
through persuasion or even by silent self indulgence
unbeknown to us

why is their evidence of an underground world
or is the world above speilberg's ficion
and the world below humanities biography

what is life
what is belief
what is a dream, what is destiny
what is fact and fiction
and ultimately what are we

could we be an error in somethings programme
a loophole in space
a bubble in time
a lost civilisation

to answer any question
which hass been asked since the beginning of time
fist ask what is meaning
for words and meanings could have been confused
from the moment anyone can remember
or maybe it has just begun...

Poetry by Nalini
Read 844 times
Written on 2006-04-30 at 23:00

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Mischa Ash Brookes
This is so emotional, touching, brilliant. I can feel the rawness oozing from the words, captivating me. This is a great poem.