The dog is back traslated by Ann Wood

There was no way. It was a real hall.
He barked terribly and I felt sorry for him.
I took him in the car and away from the neighborhood
I let him out and gave him gas.
It was hard for me, but, I repeat it-
barked terribly and there was no way!
And here, a week later, something scratches the door,
something knocks with a tail, whines and squeals,
something jumps on my shoulders,
something licks me with tears in my eyes!
Dirty and muddy,
weakened and pitiful,
with a deep wound
on the side of the hip,
he rubs against me and I watch him,
I listen, I understand his dog's voice…
- Master- he says- master beloved,
I pray from the bottom of my heart, forgive my guilt!
I am your dog!
I don't know how it happened!
Look, true snout
at your feet I put:
honest dog word
I didn't want to run!
I'm sure there behind the bend
I somehow stopped
and I lost your car!
Oh, how awful!
Oh, how dangerous it was!
I came to a store several times,
but your breath was blocked by the breath of gasoline!
You probably played
and scolded his dog,
but I've been looking for you too
seven days to date!
Forgive my guilt!
Open the door for me!
I won't move anymore,
I will know my place
and from today I promise
to bark twice as loud!
"Come in!" - I tell him strictly-
but I'm very angry with you,
never again
to lead you away!
Valeri Petrov

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-05-13 at 09:47

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