Princess Sazzette birthday party by Ann Wood

Many years ago, King Robert and Queen Melanie lived in a distant kingdom with their niece, Princess Sazzette. The princess's parents went on a long journey to travel around the world. And her father's brother took her to his kingdom. He loved his niece very much and had her as his daughter. One day the king announced that on Princess Sazzette's birthday, he would hold a ball with masks and a contest for the beautiful cake. When the birthday approached, people from near and far towns and villages arrived in the palace with their best applications. The ball was a miracle, and there were clowns, masked pirates, and beautiful dancers and singers. King Robert has announced the making of the best cake to begin, and once the jury of the best royal chefs is ready, they will choose the best birthday cake. The royal chefs prepared exotic dishes and fornications. The music was playing all the time, and everyone was dancing and having fun.
Princess Sazzette was very excited to see all the cakes that would be made for her. She loved a lot of cakes and pastries. Everyone present brought gifts for the princess. The party lasted a whole week, and there were many surprises and games. Little Sazzette shone with happiness and was over-excited. On the third day of the festivities, on her birthday in the palace, she received a letter from Sazzette's parents and a box full of gifts from the various places during their journey. There were many books of fairy tales, a little monkey, an aquarium with goldfish, different modern dresses and shoes, dolls and a doll's house, a bicycle and a pony because she loved to ride.
Sazzette named her pony Moonlight, and the monkey named Leila. Sazzette had a grandmother, Lila Eagle, and a grandfather, White Bull, who loved her very much. Cazzette's parents, Mike and Barbara, loved to travel around the world. Sazzette had two aunts, Ann and Beatrice, who cared for her when her parents were on the road. Sazzette was a very obedient and good-natured young lady. She always helped other people and gave them her love. She had a gorgeous angelic voice when she sang, and everyone stopped to listen to her. She also loved to dance and play scrabble. On the last day of her birthday party, the king had a big barbecue party and organized hunting and fishing. Sazzette thanked everyone for the beautiful celebration and gifts and sang a few songs in gratitude. So everyone was happy and having fun.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-05-15 at 14:39

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