A Welcome to Spring...

Spring = New Birth

Tiny plants stand just above the fertile soil, life begins.

Blades of new grass crowd a carpet of lush green.

Bulbs with their magnificent show of vibrant colors are appearing.

Spring rains aid the season's abundance of various flora,

at time, softly tapping the soil, barely kissing the new born growth.

The fresh scent of fallen rain mixed with floral spray, results

in a lasting perfume.

Raise your face to the drizzle, feel and taste it's purity.

There is music in the air, by day and by night.

Songs of Birds and mating calls abound.

Caterpillars turn into Butterflies.

Ladybugs, Grasshoppers, Lightening bugs make their presence


And then their is Romance.

The birth of a new love or the rebirth of an old, forever the

reminder of the human spirit...

This is my favorite time of year...

Poetry by Victoria Pearson
Read 670 times
Written on 2006-06-15 at 02:30

Tags Spring 

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Zoya Zaidi
"Raise your face to the drizzle, feel and taste it's purity."

I love to do this,
The rain drops gently caress my skin,
Trickle down my throat and reach
The recess between my breasts.
Ooh the feeling is just terrific!
I just love the raindrops
Trickle down my skin!!!!!

***Hugs, the lover of spring***
You are in great company here, with another lover of the spring!!!

Love, xxx, Zoya