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NOTE:  2012 09 30  23H44 EST  Une affaire abasourdissante -

Une affaire abasourdissante (with translation)


- repost... "help" systems in place in our societies operate in ways that can hardly be qualified as helpful more often than not... I tried to convey how the experience has often left me feeling... 


 - ça s’explique mal mais…


La situation me semble aussi infiniment absurde que

si on avait placé des juges Olympiques sur le bord de l’eau

pour évaluer la grosseur des bulles et des éclaboussements

que le noyé produisait pendant sa noyade

et qu’on avait analysé chacune de ses tentatives

à se sortir de sa détresse en lui critiquant le fait

qu’elles s’étaient avérées fatalement infructueuses.


C’est à ce point-là incroyable.



(rough English translation)


An astounding case


- not easily explainable but…


The situation seems to me to be as infinitely absurd as

if they’d placed Olympic judges on the riverbank

to evaluate the size of the bubbles and the splashes

that the drowned guy was making while in the process of his drowning

and that they’d analyzed every one of his attempts

at getting himself out of his distress by criticizing him on the fact

that they'd revealed themselves to be fatally unsuccessful.


It’s to that extent incredible.


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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
i agree with lawrence, this is a great metaphor. it conveys your sense of frustration and incredulity with precision.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
An apt metaphor, I'd say. May I add a postscript?

And then they gave him pills
To make him think that he was
Out of the water.