Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 2

The following day they got up at 8 am, had an omelet for breakfast, and drank pomegranate juice. After breakfast, they went down to the sports room and trained for about an hour, then decided to try the jacuzzi and swim in the pool. At noon they ate leftover Indian food with some salad. Then they took a shower and prepared to go out for art and dance lessons. They went through a souvenir shop and took a few cards and some souvenirs for themselves. After that, they walked in the park next to the art school to kill time until their lesson. Today they will finish the paintings and talk about art. Time passed gradually in painting and conversations about Renaissance art. At 4 pm, they wished a good evening to the group and left. They decided to drive around the city until it was time to dance; they had 3 hours until seven in the evening. Driving through the streets of Montecito, they noticed familiar faces, passed the house of Prince Harry and Meghan, who were getting out of their luxury car.
Annabelle and Michelle waved goodbye and drove away. Michelle had managed to photograph them with their two children, little Archie, and baby Lilibet Diana. They talked lively about what had happened minutes ago. Before going to the dance, they stopped at a fast-food kiosk and had a burrito and fries with Pepsi. And from the confectionery nearby, they bought an ice cream and continued on their way. When they parked in front of the dance school, it was 1840 they had time to change and go to the toilet. As always, they had a half-hour warm-up and then rehearsed the steps from the previous lesson; 30 minutes before the end, the instructors showed them new steps from rumba and waltz. At nine, they said good night to the group and left. Twenty minutes later, they were home, hurrying to call their parents. They talked for almost an hour when Annabelle's phone rang; it was the young family with the twins; they wanted to hear them and ask them what they were going to do over the weekend? Annabelle told them they had no plans for then and asked them if they had anything in mind. Marcus told them that they would have a barbecue on the occasion of his wife Melanie's birthday and that they were most officially inviting them for the weekend. Annabelle thanked him, and they agreed to go to them at ten o'clock on Saturday morning and gave the address to which to go. They talked a little longer, then said good night, and Annabelle hung up. Michelle tells them that they had been invited to a birthday party of a friend of hers with an overnight stay. She then called Michelle's parents again to ask if they would allow them to go to the party. They allowed them, but on the condition that they would call them both evenings to say that they were fine. Annabelle promised them and hung up. They went upstairs and took a shower, and went to bed tired.

They slept soundly until nine in the morning the next day. Annabelle got up and went to see Michelle, who was waking up. Good morning little one; how did you sleep today? Good morning Annabelle, I'm fine and how are you? Come on, get dressed and let's go down for breakfast, and then we can go to Los Angeles for a walk in the car. They made sandwiches, salad but didn't flavor it with the dressing to keep it out of the car, put the dressing in a bottle, put fruit and water, and two juices in the picnic basket. They left at 1030 in the morning and took a sketchbook and pencils when they stopped to have a rest to draw. They listened to the radio in the car and talked. They looked at the landscapes along the road. Michelle took pictures and enjoyed the view. An hour later, they stopped at a gas station to refuel and use the toilet. Then, they bought hot chocolate and ice cream and sat on the bench to drink and eat the ice cream. After half an hour, they set off again. At one in the afternoon, they were in Los Angeles. They parked in a parking lot next to the mall and went for a walk. They entered the mall and began to look around. They stopped in front of a small bookstore where they saw Meghan Markle's book The Bench. They went in and bought a book for each of them.
Annabelle took a few as a gift for her friends. While looking around, Michelle noticed that they were selling Annabelle Woodland's autobiography, and she bought it and asked Annabelle to give her an autograph. When the saleswoman recognized Annabelle, she also asked for an autograph, and suddenly the bookstore was filled with people who had bought Annabelle's book. Everyone wanted an autograph and to be photographed with it. The rumor that Annabelle Woodland was in town spread from person to person. And wherever they went, someone wanted an autograph and a photo with her. They met a lot of new people and were very happy. Annabelle did not know that her book was so popular in America. The mall manager invited her to his office and asked her if she could arrange a book sale next week and give autographs to customers. She agreed for the next weekend, and they booked their apartment in a nearby hotel for two nights at the city's expense. He would also give a press conference for the local newspaper and literary magazine. Their day was tiring but also happy, so they got back in the car and sat down to eat salad and sandwiches. At 6 pm, they went back to Montecito, driving slowly, exhausted by today's emotions. It was past eight in the evening when they returned home. They dined on salad and drank lemonade, watched TV, and went to bed at eleven in the evening. Before going to bed, they called Australia to talk to their loved ones and told them what had happened to them today. Annabelle's parents were very proud of her success. They wished each other good night and closed. Annabelle locked it and turned on the alarm and the air conditioner. He put Michelle to sleep and went to bed tired. Her sleep was troubled by the emotions of the past day.

On Wednesday morning, they got up late, ate quickly, and began preparing for art and dance lessons. Annabelle let them wash their clothes. She prepared dinner and put it in the fridge when they returned to cook it. They decided to get burgers or a hot dog or something hasty from fast food for lunch. When the washing was over, she transferred the clothes to the dryer. Michelle was looking at a journal on botany and zoology. At about 1230, they went out and moved to the city, stopped for lunch at the KFC, and took their burrito, chicken burger, and fries. They ate at a table by the window and watched passersby on the street. In 1340 they went to the school of art. Today they were going to paint a marine landscape. Michelle painted a beach in front of their house, and Annabelle painted the azure shores of Perth with several boats at the pier. The teacher admired their paintings and congratulated them on their excellent work. At 4 pm, the lesson was over; they packed up, said goodbye to the group, and headed for their car. They went home, and Annabelle put the casserole in the oven to cook. After two hours, the food was ready, and they sat down to dinner; in 1835, they went to dancing class. The lesson was a lot of fun as always; they warmed up first, then rehearsed the steps from the previous lesson, and finally danced the rumba and lambada. At 9 pm, when the lesson was over, they wished everyone a good evening and good night and left. On the way home, they stopped by the store to buy products for the cake they wanted to make for Melanie's birthday. They also took a muffin mix and a special pan in which to bake them. Decoration products and cake box. They would bake several different cake loaves and stick them with vanilla and chocolate cream and top with mascarpone and Philadelphia cheese and whipped cream. They had stopped to put fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, figs, and cherries for decoration. They would make several types of muffins and a savory cake as well. When they already had all the products, they paid at the checkout and returned to the car. When they returned, it was 10 pm. They packed their groceries and made tea, and sat down to watch TV. At midnight they went to bed and fell asleep quickly.
The next day Annabelle got up early and started making the muffins and making the tops for the cake. When she put them to bake, she made breakfast and woke Michelle. They had breakfast on the terrace and talked quietly. After breakfast, They went into the kitchen to inspect the oven, the muffins were ready, and they made icing to decorate them and put some chocolate shavings. When the cakes were ready, they left them to cool and picked them up, and they would decorate them the next evening. They also decided to make salty muffins. For this purpose, they went to buy a mix of salty muffins and sausages, ham, yellow cheese, and white cheese, olives, and pickles. They had lunch at an Italian restaurant and then went to pick out presents for the birthday girl, Marius, and the twins. They then decided to go to the movies, at the cinema, they played the two series to Mama Mia. They took popcorn, Pepsi, and chocolate for the movie. When the movie was over, they went home. They had a salad and sausage with potatoes for dinner. After dinner, they called their parents. They talked to them for a long time and then went to bed. She had just gone to bed, and Annabelle's phone rang; it was Melanie, calling to ask if she could go to them the next night after the dance instead of Saturday morning; she needed help with the party, Annabelle said there were no problems. Still, they had to pass. during the day to bring the cakes she made. Melanie told her that if they happened to leave, she would leave the spare key under the mat for them, and when they unloaded things to lock and take the key with them. They said good night and closed the line.

On Friday morning, Annabelle got up early to decorate the cake and put it in the fridge to solidify the cream. Make a savory cake and make breakfast. She had made lasagna for dinner and grilled fish for lunch, then she would make a potato salad. When breakfast was ready, she woke Michelle, and they had breakfast at the conservatory because it was raining outside. Annabelle told Michelle that there was a change in plans, that after the dance, they would go to Melanie. Michelle is happy to have more time with the twins. After breakfast, they packed their bags, put on swimsuits, party clothes, and two outfits for each day, underwear and pajamas. They also prepared their things for the art and dance course. When the lasagna became ready Annabelle, covered it with foil and then put a few potatoes to cook for the salad and wrapped the presents, and wrote the birthday card. She wrote a letter to her parents and the cards for her friends from Australia, and she would release them later when they left. Michelle also wrote a letter and cards to her parents and a few friends in her class, and her beloved teacher, Mrs. Martin. They had lunch early at 11 pm and then washed the dishes, loaded their luggage, and left. First, they drove through Melanie, leaving their cakes and muffins, lasagna, and bags for the weekend. Melanie was home when they went and gave them the spare key, then they said goodbye and left. Their next stop was the post office, but before that, they bought small gifts and put them in boxes they bought to send the parcels. Michelle sent the book she had bought, took her parents a T-shirt with a view of Los Angeles, mugs with a California map, bought a small Lego constructor for her brother, a few souvenirs, and a bar of chocolate. Annabelle had taken a small bottle of whiskey for her father, mugs for both of them, a perfume for her mother, a few small souvenirs, a branded T-shirt and chocolate, a book she had taken for them, and a cookbook for her mother. They also sent them some souvenir photos. They packed the parcels, put stamps on the letters, paid for the parcels, and released them with a registered first class shipment. They went to the art course, finished their paintings from the previous time and at 4 pm they wished a good weekend to the class and left. Then they went for a walk in the park near the dance school. They played badminton and then went over to get sandwiches that Michelle was hungry and couldn't stand until dinner at Melanie's. In 1850hrs, they went to a dance class. They didn't notice when the lesson was over and left for Melanie and Marcus' house. When they reached the Twins, Melanie was waiting for them at the door. They parked in front of the house and went inside. Melanie showed them the guest room where she had put their luggage. They changed and went downstairs for dinner; Melanie had warmed the lasagna and made sausages on the grill and salad. After dinner, they picked up the dirty dishes and washed them. Melanie pulled out to marinate the barbecue meat, folded the napkins for the party, set the table for serving glasses, plates, cutlery, decorated the room for the party, inflated the balloons, and then everyone went to bed.

On Saturday morning, Annabelle and Melanie got up early and began making breakfast, first putting the beef casserole to cook in the oven. They boiled the potatoes for the potato salad, washed all the vegetables for the barbecue garnish, lettuce, green onions, radishes, cucumbers, and tomatoes for the salads. They made sandwiches, cut appetizers and several different cheese and yellow cheese types, boiled eggs for the salad, and one of the starters. After breakfast, they left Marcus and the twins at home, and the three women went to the market to buy fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, alcohol, soft drinks, and juices for the party. Melanie had ordered a cake and some different types of cookies and pitifuri. From there, they went through the spa center for some beautify and do hairstyles. Then they went home and continued to prepare for the party. Marcus had ordered pizza for lunch. They had lunch on the porch and listened to music from the system. At 4 pm, Marcus lit the barbecue and started roasting the meat, and there were ribs, sausages, burgers, a hog dog, chickens, and fish. They had also bought a seafood mix and decided to make a seafood salad and fresh tuna brought to them by a friend. For this purpose, they cooked the seafood and part of the tuna, the rest of the tuna they made on the barbecue. The guests reached at 6 pm; Melanie greeted them and led them to the garden, where there were three tents set up. Michelle was playing with the twins when the guests arrived. Melanie introduced them to her guests. They recognized Annabelle from the cover of her book, and everyone asked for an autograph. The party was a lot of fun, they played different party games, danced, sang, plenty of food, and everyone was thrilled. Shortly after midnight, the guests left but would return the next day for a barbecue party, as they would baptize the twins tomorrow. They went to bed after loading the dishwasher. Michelle called her parents as she had promised. They talked for a while, and then she hung up. Annabelle was waiting for her in their room. They put on their pajamas and went to bed. They fell asleep quickly because the day was long and tiring.
On Sunday morning, everyone got up early and prepared for baptism. They had breakfast and went to church. The guests were also waiting for them there. The service started at 0930 and lasted for one hour. There was a cameraman who filmed the baptism. Annabelle and Michelle were the twins' second godparents; Melanie and Marcus had asked them when they were invited to the party. Melanie had bought them very nice dresses with shoes that fit and a set of jewelry for each of them. They were pleasantly surprised by the gifts and thanked Melanie. After the baptism, they gathered for a group photo. Then Melanie, Marcus, the twins, and the two couples, and Melanie's parents and her husband's mom and dad d took a few pictures in front of the church. Then they went to Melanie's house, and the party began; the men lit the barbecues and began to roast the meat, and the women made salads and french fries, the children played around them. The weather was very nice, and everyone had a lot of fun. There was a lot of food and drink, they played tennis, and all kinds of party games, at ten in the evening the guests left because the next day everyone was at work. They packed up and loaded the dishwasher, and they all went back to their rooms. Michelle called her parents and sent them some photos from the baptism and the party. They talked a little more and then said good night and closed the line. Michelle changed and went to bed. She said good night to Annabelle and turned off the light. They talked and fell asleep as they talked; they were so tired from the long weekend.

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