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Questions without answers

They ask me "do you love him?"
What type of question is that?
How am I supposed to know what love is,
if it's even anything at all.
I mean yeah i dream about him.
Yes, I think of him,
and yes when I'm with him I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
But do I love him?
I find myself asking this question frequently.
I sometimes wake up thinking yes, i do love him.
Then later I think, how the hell do i know that, i don't know what love is.
I hear people saying love is all of these things, things like: love is talking to someone on the phone for hours just to hear their voice, Love is thinking of them all the time.
But do they really know, does anyone really know what love is.
No, I don't love him, I'm incapable of loving.
I've built a wall in my heart from all of my previous pain,
not to let anything else in.
But then again I can still hear the beating of his heart in my ear,
From the other night, laying on the couch.
I can still feel his chest supporting my head,
and his arms around me.
The comfort,and security of it, the magical feeling it gave me.
I can still remember every word, every little touch.
So do I love him?
Well I guess love is different for everyone.
But, yes I do think I love him in my own little way.
I love him the only way I'm capable of loving,
with half a heart.
Is that really love though?
Those are my questions,
my questions without answers.

Poetry by Rhia
Read 920 times
Written on 2006-06-16 at 23:03

Tags Question  Love  Answer 

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You will have to look deep within your soul for these question. When I fell in love with my husband ( we have been together for almost 7 years now in August), it just came to me one day...in the oddest of moments. " I love this man". At the time I was just 17--almost 18--and it just hit me that I loved him, and wanted to marry him one day. Well, here I am, almost 25 now..and we have been married since March 18th of this year...I think it will just hit you out of no where when you find "the one"...sometimes unexpected..but always a great feeling!