hmm just a little story

Little Secrets

I once knew a girl, she never believed in true love, she never though there was just one person out there for someone. There just couldn't be, anyways who would want to settle down with one person for the rest of their life anyways, there was too much living for her to do. Too many things to see, and too many things that were left for her to do, and a husband would only tie her down. Of course this was all before her 'knight in shining armor' came and swept her off her feet.
For the longest time she still didn't believe he was the one, the one man she could spend her life with, afterall that didn't exsist. He definetly had his flaws, and tons of them. He would have things to do, when she needed him, or just didn't want to go to things, no matter what she said. He needed his space, and never let her compeletly into his life, there were many times that he would be gone and she would have no idea what he was doing.
Of course I believe this was one of the things that made her fall in love with him. The fact that he wasn't clingy, and pushed her away. He made it into a challenge for her, the challenge to reach him, and make him want her. She had never met someone as mysterious, or confusing before. The idea of his other life was too intriguing, so instead of dumping him when he seemed to ignore him, she tried harder, and stuck around. She beame devoted, and had never though it possible to feel the way she did.
It took her awhile to finally admit that she was in love. In fact it took over eight months, but she did, and had never felt better since that moment. She does have one more obsticle though. She has to admit her love to him, and everyone else, she keeps it to herself, like a private secret. Her pride won't let her truly admit it too anyone else. How does she come out and tell the world that shes in love when shes been so openly against it for soo long?
I guess we always have our little problems so nothing can ever be perfect.

Short story by Rhia
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Written on 2006-06-16 at 23:15

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Nice work

like your story, make sence...
I know it would take long before I commited my love to somebody else than my self...


Lol - are you talking about yourself here, sweetie?
Its a nice story - its a nice read. I love your descriptions and your noncholant way of describing their lives.
Keep writing!