Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 4

The week passed quickly in activities and games on the beach, walks around the area, and work on Annabelle's book. They also visited a farm where they bought barbecue meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh milk, cheese, yellow cheese, and homemade butter. They marinated the meat for the barbecue on Friday night and left it to marinate well and be delicious when baked. On Saturday, they went to a nearby winery to buy wine and champagne for the party, then for alcohol from a nearby supermarket and beer and soft drinks for the children.
When they returned from the market, they decorated the house for the party and then went down to the beach to sunbathe in the sun.

In the evening, they returned to the house and made a salad and an omelet for dinner. They had dinner on the porch and talked about the party the next day. After eating, they washed their plates and went downstairs to the gym. They trained for about an hour or so, took a shower, and went to bed early to be refreshed the next day. Marcus and Melanie would come with the twins for breakfast in the morning and help them prepare for the barbecue and other dishes. At midnight, Annabelle's phone rang; she looked at the display to see who was calling so late, it was her mother, and she called to tell her that her sister had given birth to twins this morning. She was thrilled with the news and could not wait to call her sister and congratulate her on the birth of the twins. Annabelle talked a little more with her mother and then called her sister in Australia. She was short, not wanting to bother her sister or the twins. Greetings and thanks for her sister's gift to her with her niece and nephew; the twins were boy and girl. Her sister tried to get pregnant for a long time, and finally, she applied for IVF and became pregnant with twins.
The following day, after waking up, she hurried to break the good news with Michelle and then went downstairs to make breakfast before Melanie and her husband and the twins overtook them. Michelle set the breakfast table, put the utensils and plates. Annabelle had made bacon, sausages, mushrooms with butter and garlic, and pancakes with maple syrup. She had just finished cooking when the front door rang. She went to see who it was and to open it. It was Melanie and her family; Annabelle invited them in and helped them with their luggage. Melanie had prepared marinated beef, pork, and lamb ribs for the barbecue and two salads, as well as a cake. They had breakfast on the terrace and listened to the song of the birds in the garden. After breakfast, the twins played in the yard while Marcus prepared the barbecues and the women made preparations for the barbecue garnishes.

For lunch, they ordered pizzas, had a quick meal, and then returned to prepare for the barbecue. Melanie put the twins to bed for an hour or two in the afternoon while they cooked. The guests reached 4 pm, the children played in the yard while the adults cooked on the barbecue and talked. At 6 pm, Meghan and Prince Harry arrived with the children. Annabelle greeted them and ushered them into the house. Introduce them to the guests and offer them a drink. Michelle helped Meghan put baby Lily to sleep and change her diapers. Archie went to play with the other children in the group. Everyone lined up and gave him their toys.
Dinner was served at 7 pm, and there were sausages, burgers, three types of ribs, fish, steaks, grilled vegetables, grilled potatoes and corn, chicken wings, legs, and the white meat of the chicken was made on skewers. Several salads, french fries, and mashed potatoes—grilled mushrooms, risotto with vegetables and mushrooms, and dried tomatoes. Melanie had made bruschettas, mini sandwiches, a baritone, a few snacks of cheese, dried appetizers, sushi, and plenty of fruit. The guests were delighted by the excellent food and atmosphere. Marcus had invited a local music band and DJ and a clown and magician for the children. There were many party games, they played party bingo and poker, and they did a quiz and beach volleyball and chess and basketball tournaments. They danced until dawn and had a lot of fun. The weather was beautiful; they lit a campfire, took out their guitars, and sang country music. It was a wonderful July 4th that they would remember for as long as they live.

The party lasted all night, everyone had a lot of fun, and the food was excellent. Even the children didn't want to go to bed outside, and it was boiling. In the morning, everyone greeted the sunrise on the beach and played beach volleyball. Annabelle entered the house to prepare breakfast and coffee. They had breakfast in the garden, and then some of the guests left. Mel stayed to help the girls clean the house after the party. Meghan also offered to stay and help them, and they thanked her for the offer of help. The men cleaned the barbecues and washed the yard. The children played around them. They had cleaned the house by noon, and Annabelle made a fresh salad and reheated the meat from the barbecue for lunch. They decided to have lunch in the garden, and then everyone went down to the beach. The children built sandcastles and palaces while the adults rested and played cards. In the evening, they ordered pizzas and a Thai menu from a nearby pizzeria and Thai restaurant. After dinner, the last guests left. Michelle was overwhelmed by the long weekend and party. They went to bed early because the next day, they would have to get up early. The drawing class would visit the art museum.

The following day they got up early and got ready for a trip to the art museum. They ate scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage for breakfast on the porch. At half-past eight, they left for the art school, from where they went to the museum. It was nine o'clock when they arrived in front of the school. There were other students outside talking. At nine-thirty, they left for the museum. This week they would paint in the city's museums. Michelle was very excited about visiting museums. Today they would paint statues and sculptures of famous masters. At lunch, they had lunch at a small restaurant near the art museum. They ordered chicken steaks with french fries and stewed vegetables, and a Caprese salad. For dessert, they ordered brownies with vanilla ice cream. They returned from the museum at three in the afternoon and went down to the beach. They left for the dance class at six o'clock, and on the way, they stopped at the fast-food pavilion and ordered a burrito and french fries. Today, they would have an exam and dance the rumba, tango, waltz, and chacha. After the dancing, they went to the movies to watch the Burnt Hills. After the movie, they ordered pizza, were hungry, and went home. They had just entered when the phone rang, and Melanie called to invite them over for the weekend. They would go to the guest house by the lake for the weekend. The week passed quickly in painting during the day in museums and dancing the rest of the time. On Friday afternoon, they drove to the lake with the two cars. The journey lasted nearly two hours; when they arrived, they were approaching five in the evening. They unloaded the cars and settled in the house. Marcus for lighting the fireplace evenings by the lake become cool. They would catch fish for dinner. Michelle was playing with the twins in the backyard. Marcus and his brother Bobbie were fishing on the lake. Melanie, Annabelle, and Bobbie's wife, Lizzie, were cooking dinner. Lizzie was pregnant with her first child and was helping them. About seven men returned from fishing with good catches. They had caught a few trout and salmon, as well as sea bass. They cleaned the fish and roasted it on the fire they had lit outside. From some of the fish, they decided to make fish soup the next day. They had bought barbecue meat, which they would make on Saturday night. Lizzie had made a pie of berries and brownies for coffee in the morning and afternoon. He promised to make the children a cheesecake with berries and a trifle. On Sunday, they would bake cookies and muffins with Turkish delight.

Dinner was ready at nine o'clock in the evening, and they sat down to eat on the porch. Romantic music played from the system; they ate and talked about their time and plans for the weekend. They would be in the house by the lake for two weeks to rest from the noise of the big city. The house is quite large, and there was room for everyone. They would go hiking, hunting, and fishing. They had an extensive collection of movies and games so that they wouldn't be bored at all. The weather was pleasant, neither too hot nor cold, dry and sunny. The children played and ran at will without being disturbed or disturbed by the adults. After dinner, they played monopoly on the porch and listened to music. They went to bed late, the weather was excellent, and they enjoyed the light breeze from the lake. The following day they slept late, got up at ten, and ate fruit and fried slices of blueberry jam for breakfast. After breakfast, they walked and went down to a nearby village to get milk, eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables from Billy's farm. Billy is an old friend of Bobbie and Marcus from school. The day was sunny, and they decided to walk around. They went to gather berries and herbs for tea. They returned to the house at two o'clock in the afternoon and ate the fish soup they had prepared the night before, after dinner.
In the afternoon, they rested by the pool, the children played by them. At five o'clock, they lit the barbecue and prepared dinner, and talked livelily. They dined on the porch and enjoyed the view around them. They went to bed early because the next day, they would go hunting in the nearby forest.
The following day they got up early and had breakfast of oatmeal and toast with rosehip jam. The day was expected to be warm, and without rain, the men would hunt, and the women and children would go down to the city to market. After the market, they would take the children to the movies. They took Annabelle's car and left for the town. The children sang songs all the time near the city. They went through the house of Annabelle and Michelle to get some things, water the flowers, and check the mail to see if they had received letters from Australia. Then they went to the market and the cinema. They watched Beauty and the Beast. After the movie, they went to have lunch at Maggie's restaurant, a friend of Lizzie's. When they returned to the house by the lake, it was 4 pm. The children were excited by the long day, which was filled with many emotions and fun. They had dinner on the porch and had ordered lasagna from Maggie's restaurant. After dinner, they watched a movie on Netflix. They went to bed early, and they were exhausted but also happy with the hunt today.

The following day after breakfast, they walked with the children to a nearby reserve and then took a boat ride on the lake. The day was sunny, and they enjoyed the walk and the view around them. In reserve, they saw a family of koalas, several rabbits, deer, a family of foxes with their young, and many other animals. Michelle took a lot of pictures and a few sketches of a few drawings. Then they gathered herbs and mushrooms for dinner and berries for a pie that they would make the next day. The boat trip was also fun, and the men caught fish. When they returned, the men cleared the fish and game from the previous day's hunting. They tasted some of the meat and fish to marinate for the barbecue later. For lunch, they made an omelet and a salad. After lunch, they decided to make cookies and muffins. Lizzie pulled out her recipe book, and they decided to make muffins with blueberries and red velvet with mascarpone cream. They also made several types of cookies. The children played in the yard while the adults cooked in the kitchen and the men chopped wood for the fireplace. When they switched to baking sweets, they washed the trays and bowls they had used. In the evening, they played monopolies and then had dinner on the porch. They ate fish pie with potato salad and drank wine. For the children, they made fish balls and french fries. After dinner, Marcus pulled out his guitar, and they played and sang country songs. They had fun until late and then went to get ready for bed. They went to bed at midnight when Annabelle's phone rang; Meghan wanted to invite them to a barbecue over the weekend. Annabelle told her that they were on vacation with Melanie and the children for two weeks. Meghan suggested that they all go to the barbecue and then return to the lake. Annabelle went to Melanie's room to ask if they wanted to go to a barbecue at Meghan and Harry's house. Melanie suggested making a barbecue in the house by the lake; there was enough space for everyone. Meghan agreed and thanked me for the invitation. They decided to bring the barbecue things that Meghan had prepared. They talked a little more and then said good night.
The next day, when they woke up, it was raining outside. They had breakfast in the dining room and talked when there was a knock on the door. Marcus went to see who was outside in this storm. He looked out the window and saw some people, most likely tourists, lost in the storm. Marcus opened the door and asked who they were and what they wanted. Some tourists had lost their way to a nearby village in the storm. Marcus invited them in and warmed himself until the storm passed. They thanked him and locked their car, and entered the house. Marcus introduced them to the others in the house and invited them to sit at the table. Melanie served utensils and plates for the guests, and Lizzie made pancakes. After breakfast, everyone went to the living room to watch TV. The children played around them. Annabelle and Michelle sat down to paint by the window. They painted the storm swirling in the yard. Lunch to one made a salad, omelets and sandwiches drank tea. The storm stopped at two in the afternoon, and the lost tourists left; before that, they thanked them for their hospitality. After the storm, it was cold outside, and they decided to stay in the house in front of the fireplace and play something.
The children wanted to watch the bee Maya on the children's canal. At six o'clock, it rained again; they dined in the dining room and then let them watch Flash Dance. When the movie ended, they decided to play bingo. They put the children to sleep, and Michelle went to her room to read a book and call her parents. The adults stayed up late in the living room playing bingo and cards. It was midnight when they went upstairs. Annabelle went to see Michelle and went to bed. I turned around late and couldn't sleep. She read a book until she finally fell asleep.

On Friday, Meghan and Harry arrived with the children, left early in the morning while there was not much traffic and it was not very warm. They had shopped, brought wine, beer, some hard alcohol, juices, and soft drinks for the children—several bottles of mineral water, treats for children, and several games.
The weather was sunny, and after breakfast, they went for a walk. They went to a nearby village for morning tea in a small cafe. They ordered tea and coffee and took an eclair cake to eat. When they drank their hot drinks, they went for a walk around the village. They went through the farmers' market and bought fresh vegetables and fruits, milk, cheese, yellow cheese, homemade butter, eggs, and cottage cheese. They took a few watermelons, melons, grapes, and a large pumpkin to make a pie and roast a pumpkin for dinner. A grandmother gave them a large turkey and a chicken to make soup for the children. Then they went to pick berries and herbs. When they got home, lunch was coming, and they took out the lasagna that Meghan had brought for lunch, made a salad, and sat down to lunch. They had taken one of the eclair cakes home from the cafe. After lunch, they put the children to sleep, and the adults played tennis in the garden. In the evening, the men decided to catch some fish for dinner. Michelle was painting in the garden, Lizzie, Meghan, Melanie, and Annabelle walking around the yard. At six o'clock, they returned home and began to clean the fish and cook. They dined at eight in the garden and listened to music on the system. After dinner, the men watched football in the living room, and the women and children watched TV in the relaxation room. Meghan went up to bathe Archie and baby Lily and put them to bed at ten. Then she went downstairs to the others and watched the Titanic. They went to bed at one in the morning. The evening was hot and stuffy, which is why they went to bed so late.

The next morning the weather was rainy and windy, and they let it be like that all day. They got up and prepared for breakfast. Today they will stay in the house and play games and watch movies. Annabelle decided to stay in her room and write her book, and Michelle decided to paint on the porch; the others decided to light the fireplace and play checkers and dominoes. Outside, the rain intensified, and a thunderstorm broke out, and Annabelle called for Michelle to enter the house because of the storm. Annabelle had written two chapters of her book by noon, and she was pleased with what had been written so far. Michelle had painted the storm swirling outside, and everyone liked her picture very much. At eleven, Melanie prepared lunch; today, they decided to cook moussaka with potatoes, eggplant, and minced lamb. For the children, she decided to cook chicken soup and fish meatballs with french fries. At one o'clock in the afternoon, they sat down to lunch in the dining room. When they had lunch, Lizzie offered to teach the children how to make Christmas cookies. Although it was still summer, she was in the mood for a Christmas wave; everyone went to the kitchen, and the confectionery lesson began. They made several trays with different Christmas cookies and rolls. When they finished making the cookies, they cleaned the kitchen, went to the living room, and played monopolies. Annabelle baked sausages with potatoes in the oven at about six o'clock and made a country salad for dinner. Make an omelet and stewed vegetables for the children. They had dinner at seven in the dining room, it was still raining outside, and the storm was intensifying. After dinner, the men chopped more wood for the fireplace, as the weather forecast would be the same the next day. During this time, the women cleared the table and washed the dishes, made tea and coffee, and served it in the living room, trying to try the Christmas cookies they had made earlier in the day. Lizzie sliced ​​watermelon and melon and opened dessert wine. They put the kids to sleep, and then they would watch a movie on YouTube. Annabelle made popcorn and roasted nuts for the movie, and they would watch The Last Wave - Full Action Movie In English. They watched the movie and played bridge. When the film ended, they played monopolies and discussed their plans for tomorrow. They had decided to have a game of table tennis and poker tournament, solve puzzles with the children, watch TV and solve crossword puzzles, read children's stories, do an evening of poetry, read poems, and then discuss them. It was going to be a wonderful day indoors. Meghan offered to watch an educational program on a national geographic channel. They decided to play a comedy before going to bed, and it was still raining outside. When they went to bed, one passed through the night.

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