Wrecked - The way of what is to come....

In the pale crescent light, in the still of the night
When dreams frighten my mind
I'm troubled in heart, I'm drawn apart
'Cause the madmen lead the blind

When the day is through, and the night is blue
Out of fear we shut the door
Life lives on life, the eternal strife
And dignity falls to the floor

With greed and desire, we aim even higher
For treasures that money can buy
But we know not why, we live and die
And we pray with a tear in our eye

Things fall apart, we have lost the chart
And the hungry lions roar
We are all out of place, we have fallen from grace
Wrecked on this troubled shore

The snake sheds the skin, as it ever has been
And surely the dragon abides
The moons wax and wane, on the midnight train
And we come and we go with the tides

There is no place, and no other space
For the raven to rest his soles
But we laugh to scorn, when a child is born
To save our weary souls

Copyright © 2013 Göran Gustafsson. All rights reserved

Poetry by Göran Gustafsson
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Written on 2021-07-19 at 20:10

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josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Brilliant rhyme and rhythm. The cadence is perfect. Bravo!