I have ... by Ann Wood

I have no ambitions to be liked.
I don't have any of them.
It's neutral to me. It's still mine.
The earth in me holds me tight.
The sky is too narrow for me to fit into the frame.
I don't bother to look in someone's eyes.
I am not fighting for approval at all.
I don't need it.
I don't care to be the center of someone's universe.
I have mine.
Which I create with love.
I live with love.
If we enjoy being together - great.
If not - the land is huge, many roads.
I don't need someone outside to approve of my existence.
Anyway, I have me.
Not by chance here.
To leave my traces.
To live my way.
With my feelings, with my passion.
To get lost and find.
To be the good and the bad in someone's story.
To be the familiar and eternal mystery.
To try and fall.
To be everything and nothing.
To discover myself. And you.
To meet and separate.
To be all adjectives and to change all roles.
I do not mind.
As long as I live mine.
I do not fit into restrictions and frameworks.
In a draw.
I even break mine.

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-08-14 at 20:22

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France England
Wow Ann! Say, you really blew me away with this excellent path to finding myself in the mirror of my own life's paths of solo journeys and narrow roads where I found several acquaintances but not so much of a true friend as I was taught to be. This creation you have written is much different than all your other works of pen to paper; you seem so free in flight, viewing the world like never before and it appears to me that you've reached a higher level of the planet we call Mother Earth. In my opinion I must say that this is the best of all your works and actually the greatest heart and mind in print I've enjoyed in a very long time. I guess it's like people see the greatness in another but put on blinders so they won't be tempted to speak the truth about how beautiful grey skies can be. There's a silver lining on the days when you sit down and reflect on the sunny days made clear by the tears that fall from the sky. You've really become a great writer/poet with a style of your own and that's what it's all about may I most respectfully say. I understood what you were expressing as you remained fluid and on course in a direction I was able to attend. This is genius! Thanks for the wonderful memories of being in love with one's self. Thanks again.