Mr Hippopotamus has a day out,
Children's poetic story

DAY OUT ( additional text )

It seemed to be,
The right thing to do.
Giving the animals a day out,
From Hendon zoo.

Where would they go,
They held a debate.
Everyone was there,
The giraffe and lions,
Even grizzly bear.

They called him grizzly bear
Since he was a tot.
He fell into a wishing well,
An really cried a lot.

The decision was reached,
It was the hippopotamus.
Who began to quiver,
When he found out.
They were spending,
A day beside the river.

No one seemed to notice,
No one seemed to care.
The monkeys quit monkey around,
Then stopped to comb their hair.

The Tigers and the lions
were asked to pack the lunch.
It was sure to be a winner,
The gazelle not very bright, Said "Yes".
When the leopard licked his lips,
Then invited him to dinner.

The kangaroos jumped with glee,
But what they said was ouch.
The zebra said, " That's what get
for hiding porcupines in your pouch".

It was the coach driver that said,
"No running down the aisle,
We'll get there before the morning tide.
Could someone ask the elephants,
To sit on either side".

The giraffe said, "Travel by coach
to our water hole,
That really is to far.
I'll travel down in Ess'is,
The African's snails sports care".

Everyone thought a snails car;
That really is to slow,
But when he put peddle to the metal
The gorilla said, " Wow
Look at that ESS CAR GO".

They arrived at their waterhole,
The warthog tip-toed around.
Only treading on the sand,
Where the sun didn't
Touch the ground.

It was one of the Elephants,
That made a dash, Jumped
Arms in the air, Pirouetted Around.
Made a splash,
It was a dreadful sound.

Startling the warthog,
That looked shocked not amused.
It left the little lemurs,
Feeling quite bemused.

The Hippopotamus,
Started to fret.
All that splashing around,
made him really wet.

He appeared to shiver,
The marmoset said afterwards.
" Mr hippo get into the water not he,
Not even if you gave him.
A cream cake for his tea.

The kangaroo and the remaining Elephant,
There were two you know.
Asked the tortoise to pull Mr hippo
To the river, The hyenas thought
he was sure to be to slow.

"He was sure to succeed",
Said the baby boar.
Until they heard a mighty roar,
That shocked them to the core.

Everyone knew it was
The lion that had roared.
It made Mr Tortoise
Jump so high he fell
off his skate board.

It was a friendly badger that asked,
"Mr hippo your not afraid of water I trust.
If you stand to long in the river,
Getting wet won't make you rust".

The Hyenas began to laugh,
They do that quite a lot.
A Hippo afraid of water,
What a load of tommy rot.

Mr Hippopotamus spoke,
"The reason I didn't go into the river;
I passed all my exams in swimming,
Not one did I flunk.
I didn't want to swim naked,
Not when the Elephants
Brought a pair of trunks".

The day was over, They camped out
By the water shed.
It was the Porcupine that turned over,
Mumbled; "I wish I'd brought my
Pincushion to rest my weary head".

Darkness fell quite rapidly,
In the dead of night.
Mr hippo crept to the waters edge,
With not an ounce of fright.

All day he'd been dying for a swim,
He took of his waist coat.
He was sure the cover of darkness,
Would hide his water float.

He climbed into the river,
As though he didn't care.
The look of surprise he had;
When suddenly he noticed,
All his friends were there.

The camel and the warthog
Including grizzly bear,
Just to name a few.
Even the friendly badger,
Wanted to join in to.

The elephants and the lion;
He is surely the king of kings,
When he looked carefully he
Noticed, They were all wearing,
A pair of water wings.

When they got back to Hendon Zoo,
Mr hippo was glad he had a lot of friends.
He's quite brave in the swimming pool,
As long as he stays in the shallow end.

MR Hippopotamus is quite articulate,
In talking he's no slouch.
He told this story too his psychiatrist,
As he laid there on his couch.

He used to think that swimming,
really was a sin.
Now when he sees his friends swimming,
He cannot wait to jump right in.

Poetry by Alan J Ripley The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 101 times
Written on 2021-12-15 at 00:05

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