Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 9

The winners of the best Christmas and New Year decorations also appeared in the magazine's first issue. Annabelle's house had the most Christmas lights and decorations and a giant Christmas tree in the first place. In second place was the house of Robert and Margaret from the pet store, and in third place was the house of Paul and Samantha from the restaurant to the mall. The competition for the best Christmas cookies and pies was again the team of Annabelle and Lizzie, in second place was the bakery of Betty, and in third place was the crew of the Green brothers.
January passed quickly, and the months leading up to Easter were filled with work and entertainment over the weekend.
Annabelle and Michelle's parents arrived on April 10th and would leave on April 20th as Cynthia's sons. They would be in the house by the lake again with the rest of the group. Annabelle ordered Easter bunnies and eggs for everyone and to find the eggs hidden in the home and garden. He ordered Easter cakes from Betty's bakery, and they were going to paint eggs. She had also called Easter decorations for the house by the lake and also for their townhouse. She asked the farmer to keep two lambs for them to roast and fill with rice and mushrooms, and from the offal, they would make liver sarma. They would make an Easter green salad with green onions and radishes, and lettuce.

On the 9th, they went shopping and took their purchases to the house by the lake, as well as their luggage. Then they returned to the city to meet Michelle and Annabelle's parents in the morning. Cynthia's sons would go straight to the house by the lake. They went to the airport with both cars in the morning, the flight arrived on time, and their parents were among the first passengers to leave. They helped them with their luggage, and they all got in the cars. They headed straight for the lake to avoid the traffic. When they arrived, the others were already there, unloading their luggage. Shortly after them, Cynthia's sons overtook them. When everyone had settled in, Annabelle and Cynthia went down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The weather was good for April, and they all had breakfast in the garden. After breakfast, they went for a walk to the village. The men decided to go hunting in the forest. They spent most of the day in the village and had lunch there. The men had brought sandwiches and a thermos of tea, and a bottle of rum. When they returned at four in the afternoon, the men were still missing. Lizzie and Melanie prepared dinner, and the others decorated the house with Easter decorations and an Easter tree. The men returned at six with an excellent catch. They had brought four rabbits, six partridges, four pheasants, and 20 quails. They cleaned them and marinated them to be ready for cooking, and put them in the big fridge. After dinner, they watched TV and played monopolies and cards. They went to bed late so they wouldn't get up early the next day.
The days until Easter were spent in hectic preparations and visits to the church in the village. They had a lot of fun, baked Easter cakes, and painted eggs on Saturdays. They went on excursions to nearby towns and visited museums. There was an Easter market and a fair in the village, and the children were delighted.
On Saturday night after dinner, they went to church for the evening prayer and Easter service. The church will be a play about the resurrection of Christ. Michelle would play the piano, and Annabelle would read the story of the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection.
The Easter holidays were spent in fun and eggs hunting, barbecue parties, and many walks to the woods.
On the 19th, they returned to the city for one night, and the following day they sent their dear guests away. From the airport, Cynthia's sons left for Canada. They said goodbye and said that they would see each other again for Christmas and New Year. They went home and cleaned the house, and removed the Easter decorations. Then they went to the market and had lunch outside. They returned at eight o'clock after dinner at Mario's pizzeria. They watched a movie and then went to bed. Annabelle prepared their clothes for the morning.

The following day they got up and had breakfast and left for work and school. Cynthia wished them a good day and went to the newsroom. Annabelle had only three hours at school today and then went to work in the reaction room. Today, Melanie will pick up Michelle from school.
Today the editorial office had a lot of work on the project for the spring flower festival. Annabelle took several interviews with the participants in the festival. Take a lot of pictures for the material of the article. Cynthia wrote an article about the Easter holidays and used the photos she had taken at church during the service on Saturday and Sunday.
They ordered food for the office at two o'clock, had lunch at Paul's office, and talked about work and the past Easter vacation.
They worked until five and then left for home. They went to take Michelle from Melanie. They had rabbit stew and Caprese salad for dinner. After dinner, they watched a movie and then went to bed early. Michelle had learned and written her homework at Melanie's house.
The week passed quickly, and on Friday afternoon, they left for the lake. They arrived at six and took off their Velignese decorations, prepared dinner, and then everyone played monopoly, and the men played billiards. They went to bed early because they were tired.
It rained heavily on Saturday morning when they got up. They decided to stay inside and watch movies until the rain stopped. It rained all weekend, and they stayed home playing various games and watching movies. At two o'clock on Sunday, they left for the city. At four o'clock, Annabelle let her wash her clothes and then prepared spaghetti for dinner.
April passed, and May came; Annabelle worked hard on her book and published it. A book was sent for printing in June and was published by the end of the month. In July, she would go on tour around the country and Canada to present the book. It took him three months, and they hired RV for the tour. Michelle was pleased to be traveling this summer. The three women and Paul set off. Annabelle also took the jeep, and the evenings would sleep in the RV. They had loaded the refrigerator with food and the freezer with meat. They had a large refrigerator and a small freezer in the RV, two bathrooms and three bedrooms and a living room, a kitchen and a washing machine, and a dryer, so they wouldn't miss anything until they were on their way for the summer. The jeep was loaded with books for the tour as well as their journalistic equipment. Paul was very proud of Annabelle.
They visited Texas, Arizona, Washington, California, and New York, then Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto, and Nova Scotia. The book sold very well. By the end of the summer, they had sold over a million copies.
They returned at the end of September and returned to work and school. For the first two weeks of the new school year, Michelle studied online until they returned home. The first weekend they went to the house on the lake to see the others. They had prepared a party for their return. The weekend was spent on fun and lots of games, the kids were happy to see them again after three months.
When they returned home on Sunday, they had received notice of parcels from Australia. They were gifts for Annabelle and Michelle's birthdays in the summer while they were gone. They went to bed early, and the next day they would go to collect their parcels.

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