I am by Ann Wood

I am an ordinary woman.
I have everything!
I have a house. And an old car.
I have a husband. And older children.
I have a job. And I get paid.
It is very low. And I still don't have enough.
Particle cries. Without lying.
I have joys. And countless worries.
I did a lot. And I can still!
I'm a little crazy. But everyone is like that.
I'm almost healthy. And I work hard.
I forgive a lot. I forget a little.
I don't want to lose. But it happens to me.
I have self-confidence. Complexes too.
Sometimes I lie. But it comes back to me.
I am not beautiful. But I like myself.
I am very generous. I give up easily.
I smile brightly. I'm a little wrong.
I love it very much. I can't hate.
I have a past. With wonderful memories!
I keep them sacred without chasing them.
I am an ordinary woman.
I have everything. I feel alive.
And I'm happy!

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2021-10-21 at 18:01

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