Summer vacation in California Montecito by Ann Wood part 14

They stayed for two weeks in Texas, touring museums and art galleries. They went to Dallas for a day and then traveled to Texas. After the second week, they decided to go to Denver, Colorado. Paul drove they followed the FM1770 and Co Rd 170 to the TX-153 W for 4 minutes (2.4 miles). They then headed north on Froste Ln to FM1770 on the road with limited use for about 0.2 miles. From there, they turned left on the FM1770 1.2 miles, then turned left again on the Co Rd 170 for about 1.0 miles. They continued on TX-153 W. They went on US-84 to N Hwy 84 Ford in Slaton. They took the exit to Woodrow Rd from US-84 W 2 h 17 min (156 miles). They stopped for breakfast and took turns. Annabelle had made croissants and hot chocolate for the trip. They had decided to make significant breakthroughs by using diapers for dogs and cats. They changed their diapers and gave them pellets to eat. After breakfast, they used the toilet and refreshed themselves. Evelyn sat down to drive on I-27 N / US-87 N in Hale County from F M 400 Carha for about 56 minutes (56.8 miles).
They were followed by I-27 N to Canyon Dr / Interstate Hwy 27 in Randall County. They took exit 113 of I-27 N and drove for about 50 minutes (60.3 miles). From there, they took W Hollywood Rd, FM2381, and Ranch to Market Rd 1061 to US-385 N on Boys Ranch and drove about 48 minutes (46.2 miles). Followed by US-87 N and I-25 N to the 15th St in Denver, drove about 5 hours 50 minutes (391 miles). In the middle, they stopped at a gas station to refuel and change. Annabelle sat down to drive. They took Ranch to Market Rd 1061, turned right, and merged into US-385 N 28.7 miles. Entered US-87 N / 4th St and
They continued on US-87 N. Then they passed the Dairy Queen Store (right 14.4 miles) and then entered New Mexico
142 miles. They stopped for lunch and ate sandwiches and fruit. They went to the toilet and took a short walk by the parking lot. When they hit the road again, Paul sat down to drive. They turned right to enter I-25 N and entered Colorado for about 219 miles. They decided to stop at a nearby oil station for the night. Paul lit the barbecue and roasted fish for dinner. Annabelle made a potato salad and baked some garlic cakes. They dined and went to bed early because they were tired. It rained at night, but when they got up, the rain had stopped in the morning. They had breakfast and made sandwiches for the trip. They loaded their cooler bag with drinks and water, took a bath, and set off. Cynthia was driving; they were taking exit 210A to US-40 / US-287 / Colfax Ave 0.4 miles. Follow the fork on the right, follow the signs for Downtown / Civic Ctr, and enter US-287 S / US-40 E / W Colfax Ave 1.3 miles. They continued on the 15th St in their direction for 2 minutes (0.1 miles). They turned left on the 15th St230 feet and from there turned right onto Cleveland Pl, 266 feet and then turned right to 138 feet and reached their final destination, Denver, Colorado, United States. They found a caravan park and parked. They would stay a few days. They had lunch and watched a movie. It was raining outside again. Evelyn was checking tests, Annabelle was working on her book, Paul and Michelle watched the film, and Cynthia washed the dishes and ran a washing machine to wash the towels and sheets, put the bathroom clean, and make the beds. It was still raining outside, and it was getting cold; they turned on the central heating. They decided to make an omelet and a Caprese salad for dinner. Annabelle had several phone calls. Cynthia called her sons in Canada. They had dinner at eight, and then Annabelle hosted her radio show. They went to bed late. When they got up in the morning, it had stopped raining. They prepared for the day and sat down to breakfast. After breakfast, they went to the city by jeep. They visited several museums and galleries, from where they went to the market. They bought some essentials, a new first aid kit, a spare fire extinguisher, a few flower pots, and spices. Then they went to lunch at the mall and the cinema. After the movie, they went home and unpacked the luggage from the jeep. Cynthia arranges the pots on the windows and waters them. Paul decided to go to the building materials store and buy boards and make a flower box. They would put him in the living room; he passed by and took more pots of flowers and spices. When she got home, Evelyn was making lasagna and sausages in the oven with potatoes. They had dinner at eight and then watched movies. It was the last day of June, and they decided to welcome the sunrise on the first of July. They stayed up all night playing uno and dominoes. They welcomed the July morning with breakfast outside in front of the R.V.; Paul took out his guitar and played melodic country music. Today they planned to clean and wash and prepare for the following day. They washed the windows and bathrooms, dusted them, turned on the vacuum cleaner, and washed the floor. The cupboards were tidied up, Annabelle ironed the laundry, and Cynthia put it back in place. Then they had lunch from last night's meal, and after lunch, they went to bed to rest. When they got up at four, they went for a walk to a nearby park. Returning to seven, Cynthia made spaghetti bolognese and lettuce. After dinner, they went to bed early. It was raining outside again.

After breakfast the following day, they prepared food for the trip and loaded drinks into the cooler bag. Although it was the second of July, it was cold outside; they put on thick clothes but put on a coat of summer clothes if it got warm to change. Paul would drive, they decided to go from Denver to Massachusetts. They joined I-25 N from Speer Blvd for 8 minutes (2.2 miles) and headed northeast toward Cleveland Pl 157 feet. They turned left on Cleveland Pl 305 feet, and then they turned right again on 15th St 0.1 miles. Turn left onto Tremont Pl 0.2 miles. They turned right on W Colfax Ave 0.3 miles from there they turned right on Speer Blvd 1.2 miles. They used the right lane to flow into the I-25 N on the connecting road to Ft Collins 0.3 miles at the roundabout. I-76 E, I-80 E, and I-90 E followed to MA-9 E / Boston Worcester Turnpike / Worcester Rd in Framingham. They took exit 111 from I-90 E for 28 hours (1945 miles) to their final destination. They entered I-25 N 4.2 miles from there; they took Exit 216A-216B for I-76 W / I-76 E / Grand Jct / 70th Ave to Fort Morgan 0.2 miles. They kept to the right at the fork to continue on Exit 216A, followed the signs for I-76 E / Ft Morgan, and headed for I-76 E, and they entered Nebraska 182 miles. They stopped to rest and refuel, drank coffee, and ate a banana. They changed, and Cynthia sat behind the wheel; they changed as it was hot outside and warm. They set off and entered I-80 E 341 miles. They stopped for lunch again and died. They had lunch at the gas station cafe where they had stopped, ordered ribs with mushroom sauce and french fries, Mexican salad and strawberry cheesecake, and homemade lemonade. They paid the bill after eating and set off again. Evelyn shuffled. They continued straight to stay on I-80 E.
4.3 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-80 E, and they entered Iowa 128 miles. They decided to stop for the night at the first road station. Cynthia made a salad of cabbage and carrots, fried fish and potatoes, and sat down to dinner. After dinner, they watched a movie and then went to bed. In the morning, they got up early, took a shower, and had breakfast. And after breakfast, they set off. Annabelle drove, as they always did, preparing food for the trip and drinks. The dogs and the cat settled comfortably in the trunk and enjoyed the trip. Keep right at the fork to stay on I-80 E, follow signs for I-35 N / Chicago / Minneapolis
4.5 miles. They kept to the left to continue on I-35 N / I-80 E for 10.6 miles. They kept to the right to continue on I-80 E. 151 miles. From there, they took exit 290 for Interstate 280 / US-6 E to Rock Island / Moline 0.7 miles. They continued on I-280 E / US-6 E and continued on I-280 E and entered Illinois, drove about 26.7 miles, and stopped to rest and change. They ate a sandwich and drank coffee. After freshening up and dying, Evelyn sat down to drive; they continued on I-80 E and paid the toll for the paid mile145 miles. They kept to the left at the fork to stay on I-80 E. They paid the toll again and entered Indiana 23.5 miles away. They took Exit 16 to enter I-80 E / I-90 E, stopped paying tolls for another toll road, and entered Ohio 278 miles. They stopped to rest and have lunch again; Cynthia made pork soup with potatoes, carrots, leeks, mushrooms, tomatoes, and red peppers until it became soup; they rested and watched a movie. When the soup was ready, they had lunch and enjoyed the excellent weather. After lunch, they went to the bathroom and then packed up and set off again. Paul drove and forked right on the fork to continue on I-90 E, followed by signs for OH-2 E / Cleveland stopped paying toll road
28.2 miles. They took exit 170B to US-176 S / I-77 S 0.1 miles.
They kept to the left at the fork, following the signs for I-90 E / Cleveland 0.6 miles, and continued on I-90 E 3.3 miles.
They kept to the left to stay on I-90 E for 10.9 miles.
They kept to the right at the fork to stay on I-90 E, followed the signs for I-271 S / Erie Pa, stopped paying tolls, crossed Pennsylvania, and entered New York 451 miles away. They decided to stay in New York for a few days. They found a nice place to park. They took a shower and changed. They decided to go for a walk and have dinner outside at a restaurant. They dined at a small Chinese restaurant and ordered Peking duck, king prawn curry, fried rice with eggs. After dinner, they returned to the parking lot where they had parked the R.V. They went to bed early because they were tired from the journey.
The following day, they got up at eight for breakfast and decided to walk around New York after breakfast. They set up the picnic basket, loaded the cooler bag with drinks, washed the fruit, and set off for the jeep ride. They drove around New York, stopped to look around, visited several museums and art galleries. For lunch, they went to a large park and had a picnic. They played badminton and kicked a ball, Annabelle took pictures, and Michelle drew a picture of children playing in the park. Cynthia had several phone calls as Paul and Evelyn walked the dogs and cat around the park. Then they went to the market, and after shopping, they went home at five. They cooked a casserole with several types of meat, used venison, pork, beef, lamb, pheasant and rabbit, leeks, onions, green onions, garlic, tomatoes, pork, potatoes, red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, okra, beans, peas, and green beans. They fried the vegetables and meat, then poured all the ingredients into a clay pot, put the spices, and boiled on low heat with a little water to cover the components. When they got up two hours later, they made a country salad and toasted slices of bread. After dinner, they watched a movie and drank wine with appetizers. They went to bed at midnight when it rained outside.
They slept until late the next day, it was raining outside like a bucket, and they stayed inside and decided to rest and go on the road again the next day. They had breakfast, Evelyn cooked moussaka, stuffed peppers, and Cynthia made pork with cabbage and white beans with sausages. They cooked for the next day. They watched T.V., played dominoes and monopolies. For lunch, Annabelle roasted peppers and then made tomato sauce and poured them over it. They ate the hunter's casserole and peppers with tomato sauce for lunch and then put the food in the refrigerator. After lunch, they played party games and listened to music, then played a movie. For dinner, Paul decided to make a barbecue, they had bought ribs, and he had marinated them, and they had mackerel, which they baked on the barbecue, made a potato salad, cut wine appetizers. After dinner, they went to bed early, so they would leave early to avoid traffic in the morning.
They got up at five the following day, had breakfast, and set off. Cynthia Driving Continued on Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway / N.Y. State Thruway (signs for I-87 S / New York / Boston) stopped paying the toll for a toll of 1.4 miles.
Continue on I-87 S / Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway / N.Y. State Thruway stopped paying the toll for toll road 13.5 miles. They took the exit to the NY-912M E stopped paying another toll for a toll road 1.1 miles. They continued on the NY-912M E stopped paying a new toll for the toll road.
6.4 miles. Continued on I-90 E stopped again to pay a new toll for the toll road. They entered Massachusetts and drove around
72.3 miles. They stopped to rest and ate sandwiches and coffee, then Evelyn sat down to drive. They kept to the left to stay on I-90 E; they stopped paying the toll for a toll road
51.2 miles. They kept to the left to stay on I-90 E, stopped paying the following toll for the toll road again
4.9 miles. They took exit 111 to enter the MA-9 E / Boston Worcester Turnpike / Worcester Rd to Framingham, stopped paying the toll 0.8 miles. Continue on MA-9 E / Worcester Rd. They set off on Edgell Rd to Concord Rd in Sudbury in 24 minutes (11.7 miles), and they entered Massachusetts
The United States. They would stay a few days, and they found a nice place to park. They unloaded the jeep and sat down to lunch the pork with cabbage they had cooked the day before. After lunch, they went for a walk. They went to a nearby park where they let the dogs run while they were walking. After being out in the park for nearly two hours, they went home and watched a movie. Cynthia bathed the dogs, and the cat then dried them with a hairdryer and combed their fur. Feed them pellets. They were watching a show on T.V. before dinner. They had dinner with seven moussaka and lettuce. After dinner, they played a quiz and listened to music. At about ten, they took a shower and went to bed. The next day they slept until late when they got up past nine. They had breakfast, and then Cynthia changed the sheets and let them wash. Annabelle ironed the laundry from the day before and put it in the cupboards. Paul watered the plants and fixed the bathroom door downstairs. Evelyn made a cake and a biscuit cake with vanilla and chocolate cream. Michelle paints the landscape outside. They had lunch at two and then went for a walk. They visited several museums and art galleries, went to the mall where there was a sale for the fourth of July. They bought minced meat to make burgers, hot dog sausages, chicken wings and legs, pizzas, and ribs for the barbecue. After shopping, they went home to prepare the meat for the barbecue. Cynthia made several types of salads; they took corn that they baked on the barbecue, grilled vegetables, and baked potatoes on the grill. They dined and watched the dawn, stayed up late watching movies, and played different party games. They go to bed after one in the morning.

When they got up at ten in the morning, they had breakfast and then went for a walk in the jeep. They visited several small museums and two art galleries. They went to lunch at one o'clock in the afternoon at a Mexican restaurant, where they ordered Mexican food. After eating, they went to the farmers' market to have a tasting and exhibition of the best farm food. They tried many different things, and what they liked the most, they bought for home. They had bought food for a whole week without having to cook. From there, they returned, unloaded their purchases, and put them in the refrigerators. Then they watched a cooking show and drank wine before dinner and ate grapes. And Michelle was painting the landscape and the sunset outside. Annabelle had several phone conversations and was working on her book. They had a shepherd's pie with a country salad. After dinner, they watched movies until about eleven and then went in to take a bath and get ready for bed. Before going to bed, Paul went for a walk with the animals and checked to see if they had locked the jeep and hooked it to the R.V. He went home, closed all the exits and windows, turned on the air conditioner and the alarm, said good night to everyone, and went to bed. During the night, there was a storm, and it rained all night; the cat was restless from the thunder and grinned sadly. Cynthia got up and took her to sleep with her in her bed.
The following day the weather was terrible, and they couldn't go out, so they stayed inside. They had breakfast and then decided to clean the P.B. They tidied up the food cabinets, inspected each package and box for the expiration date, and discarded any expired ones. At about noon, they sat down to eat bean stew with ribs. In the afternoon, they watched gymnastics and a sports dance tournament. Evelyn made a cake, Turkish delight muffins, and small cookies and put them in boxes to keep them fresh. Leave a few to try the afternoon coffee and tea for Michelle. Then they played uno and listened to music. It was still raining outside. They decided that if it continued to rain the next day, they could prepare for the trip the following day. They had dinner at eight and decided to try the fish pie they had bought at the show. After dinner, they watched a movie and then went to bed. It was still raining outside, but the storm had stopped.
When they got up the next morning, the rain had subsided, but it was cold. They had breakfast and then began to prepare P.B. for the trip the next morning. They put most of the things in the cupboards so that nothings outside would fall around the corners. Annabelle ironed the laundry and put it away, and Cynthia changed the bed linen and clothes she had changed into. Evelyn watered the flowers and the garden she had made with fresh spices, Paul tidied up the trunks and cleaned the inside of the jeep with the vacuum cleaner, loaded the cooler bag with drinks, put a box of fresh fruit and another with cookies and Turkish delight rolls for tomorrow morning. They lingered and then locked the jeep and went inside to take a bath that was all dusty. They had lunch at one for lunch, and today they ate sausages with mashed potatoes and cabbage salad. In the afternoon, they went to buy water and things they would need for the trip. They decided to travel to Virginia. When they returned from the market, they unloaded the jeep and put the purchases in the cupboards. Evelyn then made hot chocolate and pancakes with berry jam. They sat down for their afternoon breakfast and watched the new ones on Channel Five. After drinking their hot drink, Cynthia washed the dishes and made the sandwiches for the next day's trip. They would stop for a day, two in the cities they passed on their way to Virginia. Michelle decided to read a book from the list of books for the summer vacation they had been given from school. She chose to read The Doomsday by Victorio Hugo. Annabelle worked on her book in the office while the others watched television. Dinner at seven today would have lasagna and lettuce for dinner. After dinner, they took a shower and watched Dr. Quinn heal. They went to bed at eleven.
The next morning they left at seven after eating pancakes from the night before. They washed the breakfast cups, and the dishes dried them and put them away. They locked all the cupboards and doors, loaded the jeep, and left. Paul would drive. They left Massachusetts and joined the I-90 W in Framingham from Concord Rd, Nobscot Rd, Edgell Rd, and MA-9 W / Worcester Rd for 25 minutes (12.9 miles). Head southwest on Concord Rd to Cail Farm Rd 1.2 miles, and turn left to stay on Concord Rd 2.6 miles. They turned right onto Union Ave.
1.0 miles. They turned right again on US-20 0.1 miles. We turned left on Nobscot Rd 1.2 miles and continued on Edgell Rd
3.2 miles. Turn right onto Vernon Rd 0.2 miles. Vernon Rd turned right and merged into Pleasant St 0.1 miles. They turned left to enter MA-9 W / Worcester Rd to Shrewsbury / Worcester and passed McDonald's (0.5 miles to the right) 2.0 miles at the roundabout. They used the right lane to take the I-90 E / Mass Pike to Springfield / Boston, stopped, and paid a toll road of 0,7 miles at the next roundabout.

From there, they kept to the left on the fork, followed the signs for I-90 W / Mass Pike West / Worcester / Springfield and merged onto I-90 W, stopped paying a new toll for a 0.7-mile toll road. They continued on I-90 W. They went on I-84, I-91 S, CT-15 S, and Hutchinson River Pkwy S to Riverside Dr in Manhattan, New York. They took exit 14 of the NY-9A S and drove about 2 hours 52 minutes (181 miles). They stopped to rest and have lunch; for lunch, they had moussaka and Caprese salad. After they died, they set off again, Evelyn behind the wheel. They entered the I-90 W and stopped paying tolls for a 4.7-mile toll road. They kept to the left to stay on the I-90 W, stopped paying the toll 27.3 miles again. They took exit 78 to I-84 and again stopped paying the toll of 0.9 miles. They continued on I-84 and stopped paying tolls for a toll road, and entered Connecticut 36.8 miles away. They kept to the left to stay on I-84 4.1 miles. They used the two left lanes to take exit 57 for CT-15 S to I-91 S / Charter Oak Bridge / N.Y.City 0.6 miles. They continued on the CT-15 S 0.5 miles and continued on the CT-15 S / US-5 S 0.8 miles. It took Exit 86 to enter I-91 S to New Haven / N.Y.City 17.1 miles. They stopped refueling and drank coffee. Annabelle sat down to drive; they took exit 17 to enter the CT-15 S 64.8 miles away. They continued on the Hutchinson River Pkwy S and joined New York 10.7 miles. Keep left at the fork to continue on Cross County Pkwy, following the signs for George Washington Br / New Rochelle.
4.6 miles. They took the Saw Mill Pkwy South exit to the left to New York City 0.2 miles. They kept to the left and sailed down the Saw Mill River Pkwy S for 2.1 miles. They kept to the right at the fork to continue on Henry Hudson Pkwy, followed by signs for H Hudson Pkwy / NY-9A S 0.8 miles. Continue on NY-9A S / Henry Hudson Pkwy, stop paying the toll for toll road
4.7 miles. They took exit 14 on the left to enter Riverside Dr at I-95 / G Washington Br / Cross Bronx Expwy 0.2 miles. They went on I-95, NJ Tpke S, I-95 S, I-495 W, and I-66 W to US-29 S in Gainesville. They took exit 43A from I-66 W 4 h 13 min (269 miles). Then they stopped to have lunch and rest. After they had eaten, they set off again, and Cynthia would drive. They entered Riverside Dr 0.1 miles and turned slightly right onto the G.W.W. Bridge to I-95 / New England 0.3 miles. They kept to the right at the fork, following the signs for I-95 Lower Level S / George Washington B / New Jersey and merged onto Interstate 95 Lower Level S / U.S. 1 Lower Level S, and they entered New Jersey
2.1 miles. They used both right lanes to continue on I-95
0.1 miles. They kept to the right to stay on I-95, following the signs for I-80 / Hackensack 0.1 miles. Michelle opened a box of Pepsi and took an apple, and looked at nature outside the window, sipping some of her drink. She admired the beautiful view. Annabelle and Evelyn whispered as Paul fell asleep. Cynthia was driving and looking at her road and navigation, and they continued straight on the I-95 S (I-80 / Hackensack signs), stopped paying tolls, and drove about 4.9 miles. At the fork, they kept to the right to stay on the I-95 S, followed the signs for Lincoln Tunl, stopped, and paid another toll for a toll of 65.5 miles. Continue oN.J.J. Tpke S, and they stopped paying tolls for the next toll road they drove about 48.8 miles. They kept to the left at the fork 0.4 miles, and entereN.J.J. Tpke S paid a toll for a toll 1.5 miles. Continued on the US-40 W / NJ Tpke S paid the new toll 0.5 miles and entered the I-295 S paid the toll, and they entered Delaware 6.8 miles. Enter the I-95 S paid the toll for toll road 8.8 miles. They found a place to park to rest and spend the night. They went down for a walk and then unloaded the jeep and put everything in the R.V. Annabelle made a meatball for dinner with tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, and country salad. The others rested in front of the thT.V.V. in the living room and watched a cooking show. They had dinner at seven and then watched a movie. They went to bed at ten because they were tired. It was raining at night, but by morning the rain had stopped.
The following day they got up and dried up at eight. Then they washed the dishes and put everything back in place, cleaned the kitchen, washed the floor, and turned on the vacuum cleaner. Cynthia loaded the washing machine, made the beds, and Evelyn made sandwiches for the trip, loaded the cooler bag with drinks, and set off. Evelyn will drive. They kept to the left at the fork to stay on I-95 S, paid a toll for a toll road, and they
entered Maryland 83.7 miles away. They took a 27 W output for I-95 / I-495 W to Silver Spring / Bethesda 0.6 miles. They kept to the right at the fork and turned onto I-495 W, and they entered Virginia 21.9 miles away. They took exit 49 to enter I-66 W to Manassas / Front Royal 16.3 miles. They kept to the left to stay on the I-66 W for 5.7 miles.

Using the two right lanes to take exit 43A to flow into the US-29 S to Gainesville / Warrenton 0.9 miles. Follow US-29 S and US-15 S to State Rte 640 in Buckingham County
Two h 38 min (127 miles). They stopped at a roadside gas station to refuel and drank coffee. After resting, they set off again. Annabelle drove, and they entered the US-29 S 10.5 miles. Keep left to continue on US-15 S / US-29 S, following signs for US-17 S / Culpeper / Fredericksburg 26.5 miles. They took exit US-15 to Culpeper / Orange 0.2 miles. Turn left onto US-15 S / Orange Rd, and continue on US-15 S for 25.8 miles. From the roundabout, they took the third exit to N Main St 0.7 miles. N Main St turned right and merged into US-15 S / Martinsburg Ave and continued on US-15 S for 20.6 miles. They took the first exit at the roundabout and stayed on US-15 S. They passed Dollar General (9.0 miles to the right) 31.2 miles. Turn right onto State Rte 640 2.1 miles. Slight left onto State Rte 633 / State Rte 640, and they continued on State Rte 640 for 8.6 miles. Slight right onto State Rte 636 / State Rte 640 0.9 miles. Turning slightly left on the State Rte 640 0.4 miles and they reached their final destination.
The Virginia United States. they will stay for a few days before setting off again. They found a nice place in a caravan park, parked and unloaded the jeep. They made their omelets for lunch and had lunch. Then they went shopping at a nearby supermarket. They bought what they needed and went home. They unpacked the shopping bags and took the barbecue meat out of the fridge they had marinated the night before. Paul lit the barbecue, and the women set about preparing the salads and side dishes for the barbecue. Michelle sat down to paint the dogs playing nearby. They had dinner at seven when the barbecue was ready, and they ate outside because the weather was nice and warm. After eating, they put what was left of the barbecue and salads for the next day in the refrigerator. They washed the dishes, put away the table and chairs, locked the jeep, and went back to the thR.V.V. They watched a movie until about ten in the evening and then went to bed.
The following day they got up at eight, had breakfast and a bath, getting ready to go out. They walked to a nearby park where they played badminton and table tennis, and the dogs ran past them. At noon at twelve, they returned and ate whatever they had the day before. After eating, they went for a walk in the jeep. They visited several museums and an art gallery. Then they went to the mall, where they ordered Mexican food to take home. They returned at six, unloaded the jeep, and locked it. They watched the news and had dinner at seven. Then they watcheT.V.V. and talked to their families on the phone. They went to bed at ten because they were tired.
The next morning they slept late, it was raining outside, and they couldn't go out. They decided to make muffins and cookies, as well as muffins with rosehip jam and Turkish delight. Then they watched a movie and then some fun show oT.V.V. For lunch, Cynthia made fish soup and octopus stew. Evelyn made homemade bread with three types of olives and various kinds of snacks and sauces. Annabelle had made a biscuit cake with three different vanilla, chocolate, and milk creams. Michelle had bought raspberries to make raspberry lemonade. Paul cut the wine and cheese appetizers. They had lunch at one in the afternoon. Then they played monopolies and dominoes. At three o'clock, the rain stopped, and they went out for a walk in the park. There was a cafe next to the park, and they went in for coffee and a piece of homemade charlotte cake. They returned at seven on their way and ordered pizzas from Papa John's pizzeria. They dined and then sat outside to enjoy the sunset and drank wine with appetizers. Paul played his guitar, and Evelyn sang country songs. People from the neighboring caravans decided on them, and the party took shape. They stayed up late playing and singing, ordering pizzas and Mexican food for the party. They met many new people who, like them, traveled around the country, some for vacation, some for work, and some it was a way of life. When they went to bed, it was three in the morning.
It had rained the next morning when they woke up outside. They packed their bags and decided to set off again the next morning. They cleaned, dusted, and smoothed, then cooked stuffed peppers and made caramel cream for dessert. They had pizza leftover from the party and salad and then caramel cream. In the afternoon they watched a beautiful woman with Julia Roberts. Then they played monopolies and dominoes and listened to music, and at seven, they had dinner, stuffed peppers, and tomato salad. After eating, they went in to take a bath and went to bed early. Their next destination was Las Vegas, and they would stay there for a day or two. The road will be long, but they will take breaks, as always. Paul had stowed the folding tables and dining rooms in the trunk, the barbecue in the outdoor kitchen, locked all the cabinets, and stored everything off the worktops. Evelyn had prepared breakfast and sandwiches for their traveling.

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